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Ninja's training

Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Ninjastix, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Ninjastix

    Ninjastix Damn Gina Site Donor

    Going to start a log just so I have a point of reference when I see my nutritionist as to what my activity is like.

    Today 3/8/11

    Ran for 25, hard first mile then half mile jog finished with a minute sprint.

    Jump rope, 4 intervals 120 skips a pop

    inbetween Jumping rope, 3 sets of 10 knuckle pushups

    Yesterday 3/7/11

    Alternating sets of 25lb curls, horizontal and vertical grip. 2 sets of each for 15 reps.

    Alternating sets of 40lb curls, horizontal and vertial grip, 2 sets of each for 8 reps.

    Tricep kick backs:

    2 sets of 15lbs for 15 reps
    2 sets of 25lbs for 8 reps

    French presses:

    3 sets of 40lbs for 12 reps
    1 set of 50 lbs for 10 reps


    3 sets of 45 dips

    Push ups (plain style)

    2 sets of 30

    Dumbell chest press of a swiss ball

    3 sets of 80lbs for 15 reps

    Cooldown: 10 minutes jog outside, 2 minutes of jump rope.
  2. MBC

    MBC Well-Known Member

    good job my friend
  3. Ninjastix

    Ninjastix Damn Gina Site Donor

    Spent last week sick, Monday was my first work out since Tuesday of the week prior so it's smart and steady at the moment. Had a great run though, Tubes are phenomenal I'm able to really plant my foot with less impact and push off in a move forward movement to increase my speed. Felt terrific running today.

    Tomorrow I'm just going push up crazy. Going to try 3 sets where I do as many as many as I can as fast as I can.
  4. Fat Ass

    Fat Ass I need Help

    Meh, looks like regular training to me... No star throwing, bullet dodging, shadow killing... weak.
  5. Ninjastix

    Ninjastix Damn Gina Site Donor

    Guns kind of ruined all the cool stuff. No point in spending a life time mastering the art of the shadows when some prick can shoot you in the face from the comfort of their lazy boy.
  6. Ninjastix

    Ninjastix Damn Gina Site Donor

    Warm up: 10 minutes of shadow boxing, alternating front kicks for about a minute, knee raises for about 2 minutes, simple one/two combinations, bouncing in place, just constant activity for about 10 minutes straight.

    First Routine:

    20 pushups
    20 shrugs with 40lb bells
    15 shoulder presses with 25lb bells

    ^ 3 times

    Fly chest extensions on the swiss ball with 25lbs bells for 10 reps
    10 push ups off the 25 lb weights (parallel angle)
    Over head raises on swiss ball with 40lb weight
    10 push ups off the 25 lbs weights (45 degree angle)

    ^ 2 times on that

    15 shrugs with the 40s
    5 over head presses (seated) with the 40s
    as many push ups as I could do (ultimately 6, 11, and 9)

    ^ 3 times

    Tried some basic row dumbell raises but don't really have a good angle on the chair to accomplish this. Stayed away from curls and tricep extension so those muscle could rest. I'm probably going to start doing some basic dead lifts with the 40's to learn the exercise, but it would probably be a good idea to concentrate on strengthening my core before then.

    Sadly my back is pretty much deformed at this point, I cannot really lay flat which makes stomach crunches on the ground very difficult because of the way my body contorts, trying to concentrate stress on my midsection is often a tricky proposition. Either way it's something I'm slacking on, needs correcting.

    Tomorrow I'm taking off, haven't been sleeping well, 5 hours last night, 5 hours the night before, going to get a full rest tonight and just talk a walk tomorrow. On Friday I'll run and do some stomach. This weekend I'll walk the 3.5 around Lake Johnson.
  7. Ninjastix

    Ninjastix Damn Gina Site Donor

    ZOMG! Update fail!

    Monday March 16th



    30lbs for 1 minutes x 2
    50lbs for 12 x 2
    80lbs for 9 x 3


    Le kick back: 15lbs and 25lbs for each arm, 2 long sets of 15s for 20 reps at a steady grove. 1 murderous slow set of 25lbs for 10 :(

    French press:

    - 25 lbs for a minute
    - 40 lbs for 12 reps x2


    - 2 sets of 40

    Knee raises, jump rope, front kicks, and a light jog for about 15 minutes total inbetween lifting.

    Tuesday March 15th, a day that will live in infamy.

    Decided to do squats hardcore.

    2 sets of 1 minute free squats

    2 sets of weighted squat-curls with:

    30lbs, 50lbs, 80lbs for 12 each


    - Swiss Ball sit ups = 35
    - Swiss Ball dumbbell raises/pokes = 20 with a 15lb, 15 with a 25lb, 15 more with 25lb
    - Floor crunches 30 seconds for 2 times
    - Swimming leg raises 30 seconds for 2 times


    - 10 minute hard run
    - 5 minute jog

    Run actually precipitated the workout

    After the squats... that night my legs were basically unusable. I'm still ridiculously sore, like I've been horseback riding for a weeks straight like I'm a fucking Mongol.

    So Wednesday was an off day, and today, will be a day of sadness.

    Push ups and some chest exercises me think, some flys off the ball, some dumbell chest presses, and over heads. Light run to be smart but I'll probably do some sprints and regret it.
  8. strife

    strife I

    Are you weighing yourself every week?

    You keeping that diet in check?
  9. Ninjastix

    Ninjastix Damn Gina Site Donor

    yep and yep, I've slide down a couple of lbs and my belt is a notch lower. But not exactly something to celebrate.

    In terms of eating, portions are much smaller it feels like my stomach has adapted to my long time eating habits. My diet is still in the 90% organic range, no meats as of yet, more tuna and greek non-fat yogurt (I fucking hate yogurt how do people eat this shit!?). I've decided that I'm not going to delude myself into thinking I like brown rice, when I want rice I'm eating my basmatti but still, everything has been in moderation.

    My weekend eating habits have also been much improved as have been my dinner choices. But overall I'm eating less, I'm eating better, it's just a measure of challenging myself physically without injuring myself.
  10. sourdough

    sourdough Sourdough Site Donor

    You can't shoot what you can't see. You are not a real ninja unless you practice the art of invisibility.

    For example there are 12 ninjas in this picture:

    Other then that good job on the training.
  11. MBC

    MBC Well-Known Member

    takes about two weeks for you and your stomach to get use to a diet. Well at least that is what i have expirenced. After the two weeks, it becomes simple.
  12. Ninjastix

    Ninjastix Damn Gina Site Donor

    not in my experience sir, I'm an anomaly. I've been "changed" since January, but now my stomach capacity seems significantly different. I literally can only eat about half of what I use to. If we use the pizza metric, prior I could easily eat about 4 slices of pizza, not that I would, but I wouldn't ben satisfied after 3 slices. Now I cannot finish 2.

    So far so gravy. Or lack there of. Oh and I'm not actually eating pizza it's just a metric. Worse thing I ate was last weekend, which was a GINORMOUS quesadilla of doom, with shrimp, cheese, cilantro, black beans on a whole wheat tortilla of death.

    Sliced into 6 pieces I could only eat two. The rest I split with my Gal over two days.

    Tonight for dinner: Yogurt, Tuna, Toast, and Milk.

    Lunch is currently bananas and oatmeal.
  13. MBC

    MBC Well-Known Member

    right because if I am correct here your stomach shrinks
  14. Ninjastix

    Ninjastix Damn Gina Site Donor

    possibly, but it hasn't been two weeks for me. Been a fuck long lot longer. The only radical change in my diet hasn't been the amount of food I eat, it's been the quality and when I eat it. I haven't had meet since the third week of January I believe. But small portions were kept all throughout December and far into last year.
  15. MBC

    MBC Well-Known Member

    Have you had any meat though?
  16. Ninjastix

    Ninjastix Damn Gina Site Donor

    None. No red meat, no chicken, no pork, no poultry. Only fish in tuna, tilapia, mahi-mahi, and shrimp. Protein has been obtained through beans, yogurt, eggs, and cheese. I feel much better not eating meat so I'm sticking with it for now.

    ---------- Post added at 03:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:20 PM ----------

    Oh and supplements, though honestly I think I'm getting off them. I like no-xplode, it really helps with running performance but aside from that I'm not thrilled on the shakes. I eat my bars though, I like some nut bars.
  17. Ninjastix

    Ninjastix Damn Gina Site Donor

    March 17th

    Chest and Back:

    Push up till tire, about 45, not bad imho.

    Chest fly on swiss ball x 2, 50lbs 13 reps
    Chest over heads x 4, 2 sets at 25lbs 2 at 40lbs, 15 then 10

    2 more sets of push ups 15 then another 15


    Stand rows with 25lbs dumbbells x 12
    Shrugs with 40lbs dumbbells x 20
    finger grip lifts on 15lb dumbbells x 10

    ^ that series done 3 times

    (forgot to include I did stomach crunches inbetween sets instead of resting, did swiss ball crunches, floor crunches, swimming leg raises, and button presses with a 25lb weight, as many as I could do of each)

    Run for 15 minutes, Jog for 5

    March 18th.

    Curls for a minute with 15 lbs
    French presses for a minute with 25lbs

    Curls for 10 reps with 25s with various grips, 5 sets total about 10-12 reps per
    Seated tricep extensions (one arm) 15 lbs for 15 reps, then 25lbs for 8 reps, then 25lbs for 6 reps
    French presses with 40lbs weight 20 times
    x 35
    x 25
    x 15 (sloooooow)

    Push ups!

    x 30
    x 20 (slow)
    x 15 (slooooow)
    x 10 (slllllllllooooooooooow) actually pulled a nipple doing this I think, this shit sucks I hope it's good for you otherwise I'm an idiot.

    Ran 2 laps around the building, didn't have much time left, about 8 minute run.

    This weekend will be lake walk, no weights, some soaking in Epsom salt.
  18. Paytheplayer

    Paytheplayer Left leg put u 2 cemetery

    If it helps, tempo is always key. There are phases to working out, and depending on what phase you are in, the tempo changes.
    When you are going "slloowwwwwwwwwww" it can correct your form, and it's good for time under tension. The slowest I would go is a 2-1-4-0 tempo, which basically means on a push up: 2 seconds push - hold n flex 1 second, lower yourself at a 4 second pace, then push again.
    What's funny is, guys who can bang out pushups at a 1-1 tempo and do like 70 before they reach failure, usually can hit between 10-20 using the 2-1-4-0 tempo.
  19. Ninjastix

    Ninjastix Damn Gina Site Donor

    Up for 3 seconds, down for 3 seconds for as many as I can do.

    Then I did Up for 6 seconds, down for 6 seconds, for as many as I could do. The sweat was epic.

    I honestly cannot remember what I did Monday and Tuesday of this week. Yesterday I did some heavier weight curls, some triceps, some jump rope, and wall squats and finished with a run. But I wasn't satisfied with either Monday's or Tuesday's work out so today I did my best to do some improvised HIT training.

    Here's what I did.

    I kept my distance at about 50-60 yards out. I warmed up with some jumping jacks (40-40), some knee raises for about a minute, some kicks, and a jog out and back twice (that's the 50 yard distance).

    So the routine was as follows. Sprint out and back the distance 1 time, then jog back, then I grabbed two 15lb dumbells and did a fast walk back and forth with the bells up for 10 seconds (bicep squeeze) then down 10 seconds (tight shoulders/back).

    I'd pace back and forth to catch my breath then do some calisthenics. I did fast overhead presses with the weights, push ups, upper cuts, tricep kick backs, just kept it fast and random inbetween sprint, jog walks.

    I did the routine about 4 or 5 times, took about 35 minutes including the warm up and cool down so I'm happy, really felt it.

    Tomorrow I'm doing chest, normal pushups, chest press off the swiss ball and just going to try and do a lot of jump rope, I don't want to run if I can help it.
  20. MBC

    MBC Well-Known Member

    squats FTW just sayin

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