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MMASpot Survival Pool - Season 80

Discussion in 'General MMA Forum' started by ATJ-Lucko, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. ATJ-Lucko

    ATJ-Lucko Champ-Champ

    The vcash prize from the previous rounds will be returning. The way it works is if you win in round 1, you get $1,000. Round 3 gets $3,000, etc.Quick reminder of the rules: You pick two fighters. If both win you advance to the next round. If either pick does not win, you are eliminated. This includes draws, no contests, etc. The first official decision is final, meaning whatever Bruce Buffer says post-fight is the official result in the pool. Anyone who advances to the next round will pick two fighters from the next card. If you don't pick your fighters by the deadline, you are eliminated. If all contestants are eliminated in one round, then the competition is over and no champion is crowned(see: Season 3). So there is no confusion, most cards will be UFC, but Bellator and other events will be chosen on a case-by-case basis.

    • Season 1 Champion: Fat Ass
      Season 2 Champion: WinnipegRush
      Season 5 Champion: drop toe hold
      Season 6 Champion: mark
      Season 9 Champion: Ninjastix
      Season X Champion: Dimson
      Season XII Champion: Paytheplayer
      Season XIII Champion: foundstarr
      Season XV Champion: ILJO
      Season XVI Champion: marco47
      Season XVII Champion: Peasant
      Season XVIII Champion: Harlem Hustler
      Season XIX Champion: Dimson(second title)
      Season 20 Champion: iThumper
      Season 23 Champion: TRCSportsFan
      Season 24 Champion: ArMnHC
      Season 25 Champion: Mark (second title)
      Season 27 Champion: Paytheplayer (second title)
      Season 28 Champion: Malevolence
      Season 31 Champion: ArMnHC
      Season 33 Champion: Intellectual
      Season 35 Champion: Mark (third title)
      Season 36 Champion: Sourdough
      Season 37 Champion: Sourdough (second title)
      Season 38 Champion: no winner
      Season 39 Champion: Intellectual (second title)
      Season 40 Champion: no winner
      Season 41 Champion: Cat--Smasher
      Season 42 Champion: Sourdough (third title)
      Season 43 Champion: Sourdough (forth title)
      Season 44 Champion: Malevolence (second title)
      Season 45 Champion: no winner
      Season 46 Champion: no winner
      Season 47 Champion: m1ckey kn0x
      Season 48 Champion: no winner
      Season 49 Champion: no winner
      Season 50 Champion: ATJ-Lucko
      Season 51 Champion: no winner
      Season 52 Champion: Malevolence (third title)
      Season 53 Champion: no winner
      Season 54 Champion: Cat--Smasher (second title)
      Season 55 Champion: no winner
      Season 56 Champion: no winner
      Season 57 Champion: Madman
      Season 58 Champion: Sourdough (fifth title)
      Season 59 Champion: no winner
      Season 60 Champion: Sourdough (sixth title)
      Season 61 Champion: Cat--Smasher (third title)
      Season 62 Champion: no winner
      Season 63 Champion: ATJ-Lucko (second title)
      Season 64 Champion: Spoon
      Season 65 Champion: bran
      Season 66 Champion: no winner
      Season 67 Champion: no winner
      Season 68 Champion: Poindexter
      Season 69 Champion: Malevolence (fourth title)
      Season 70 Champion: no winner
      Season 71 Champion: ATJ-Lucko (third title)
      Season 72 Champion: no winner
      Season 73 Champion: no winner
      Season 74 Champion: Cat--Smasher (forth title)
      Season 75 Champion: no winner
      Season 76 Champion: Cat--Smasher (fifth title)
      Season 77 Champion: no winner
      Season 78 Champion: Cat--Smasher (sixth title)
      Season 79 Champion: ATJ-Lucko (forth title)
    • UFC UFN 126 Quick Card
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
  2. Poindexter

    Poindexter Reputation: ∞ Staff Member

    Please don't ever change the Roman numeral years.
  3. Bran

    Bran The wolf dead.

    I also find it interesting that only Spoon's and my name are hyperlinked in the champions list.
    Spoon and Poindexter like this.
  4. Poindexter

    Poindexter Reputation: ∞ Staff Member

    A mark of distinction I hope forever remains.
    ATJ-Lucko likes this.
  5. Bran

    Bran The wolf dead.

    The Roman numerals were my doing. Though I remember that once it got into the 20s, I very quickly abandoned the practice. Freak's just copying and pasting my old list.

    I really wish I was able to keep up with the sport more closely, these days. I used to have a lot of fun in these pools. I'm glad Freak kept it going and how it still very strongly resembles the rules and structure I put forth.

    That said, I got Cowboy and Lewis
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  6. ATJ-Lucko

    ATJ-Lucko Champ-Champ

    good old copy and paste, yeah just relics of the past i don't even notice the roman numerals now,why the names are link? must have just been a copy and paste thing, who knows lol
    also wasn't it bradlabo who suggested the idea? about a pool
  7. Cat--Smasher

    Cat--Smasher Putting the stamp on kids Staff Member

    I think it means the champ has a crush on your two fellows.
    Dimson likes this.
  8. Bran

    Bran The wolf dead.

    Yeah, Brad did the first one. I picked it up after him, for however long before you took over.
  9. Malevolence


    S.Moras & S.Northcutt
  10. ATJ-Lucko

    ATJ-Lucko Champ-Champ

  11. Dimson

    Dimson Your tears don't fall...

    Camozzi and Moras
  12. The Madman

    The Madman Well-Known Member

    Vick and Neal
  13. Cat--Smasher

    Cat--Smasher Putting the stamp on kids Staff Member

    Northcutt and Piechota
  14. ATJ-Lucko

    ATJ-Lucko Champ-Champ

  15. Poindexter

    Poindexter Reputation: ∞ Staff Member

  16. MBC

    MBC Well-Known Member

    Medeiros and Millender
  17. Kano

    Kano My New Challenge Site Donor

    Lewis and Vick
  18. Spoon

    Spoon There is no Spoon

    Oskar Piechota and Geoffrey Neal
  19. sourdough

    sourdough Sourdough Site Donor

    Cerrone and alvez
  20. helipoison

    helipoison Well-Known Member Survival Pool Champion

    Cerrone and Lewis

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