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Discussion in 'MMA University' started by Clint, Aug 11, 2009.

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    The rules are a little different in here. This is a place for newer fans to learn more about the sport.

    Flaming is strictly forbidden in here.
    Treat these members with respect, we were all new once.

    We also ask that you try to answer questions with facts and avoid opinions/biases as much as possible.

    Note: Anonymous posting of questions has been enabled in here to allow posters to ask questions without identifying themselves if they wish. However all posts by unregistered users must be approved before they will show up. So if you make a post and it does not appear, please wait until a moderator is available to approve it.
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    I like this idea, be a nice safe place for newbies to tread the water. Spot is the frickin best place for user friendliness.
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    Members and ask questions

    At the request of any member of the Technical Committee, to examine specific technical problems arising in the day-to-day administration of the rules of origin of Members and to give advisory opinions on appropriate solutions based upon the facts presente
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    Dirty fuck you!


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