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Discussion in 'Training & Nutrition' started by LookItsLance, Dec 21, 2009.

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    I guess finger swallows are the best weight loss food.
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    I started a diet last Sunday to help me drop a little fat, and although it sucked for a couple days it seems to be working. I was 218lbs Sunday, and I'm 211lbs right now. I was actually 209 this morning but have drank a lot of water today and just ate lunch.

    My diet has consisted of nothing but Chicken/Fish/Venison/Beef, Spinach/Romaine, Red and Vidalia sweet onions, broccoli, and bell peppers. It's like the keto diet, although I suppose "modified atkins" would be more accurate. My daily carb intake has been under 70 grams a day since last Sunday. I felt like complete shit Wednesday. I went for a run Wednesday evening and have never felt so weak.

    Wednesday was the worst of it though. I feel great now. I'm especially excited about my cheat meals this weekend. I still get to consume fats, so I'm going to make a homemade alfredo sauce with heavy cream to go with my chicken and spinach. Something else I'm considering is hollowing some bell peppers, browning some ground venison, throwing some sloppy joe or hamburger helper seasoning mix into the ground venison, filling the peppers with the meat, topping with some monterey jack cheese and tossing in the oven for a few minutes. Then I'll top those off with some green onions. God damn that sounds so good.
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    So I've started progressing in both changing my muscularity and in actually dropping fat.

    I've been following Jeff Cavalier's (sp) videos over at AthleanX, he's the first guy that's really helped to make sense of training and nutrition for me.

    In training now I go more intense and past failure. Not huge weight because I don't have the equipment or the gym but I make everything as hard and as challenging while maintaining form and execution as possible.

    I completely overhauled my nutrition but not like you'd think. I actually eat about 50% more now and first thing in the morning. I eat one large meal in two part. At 730 am and 900 am. Then I fast till 5 pm and have a light dinner. That's more because of having to take linzess than a desire but having the food in me has made a world of difference with training.

    I do simple nutrition, clean food split into a carb, a veg, and protein eaten in combination. I've gotten stronger, leaner, and surprisingly faster. I'm definitely not boasting but I'm on the cusp of a sub 9 minute mile, even though I still weigh 250.

    It's been a ton of work, I can't describe how hard it was getting use to eating basically dinner for breakfast so sweet potatoes, rice, grilled chicken, squash, fish, carrots at fucking 730 but it started working. I actually think I need to eat more but spaced a bit further to get my metabolism going further. Till then I'm sticking to big group exercises, I'm gonna buy Jeff's bodyweight program because he's the first person to explain exercises in a way I could actually feel.

    Hopefully in a couple months I'll break through my weight barriers. But seeing the change in my chest, shoulders, arms, legs, and obliques has been pretty motivating. I'm down two waist sizes even if the scale is stuck. And yeah, I might to do an 8 minute mile in a few weeks. That'd be a real holy shit moment for me.
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    Have you tried going keto? Or as close to keto as possible (something I call keto-ish)? I got pretty out of shape back when I got out of the military in 2015 coming to a portly-peak weight of 217 around the beginning of 2016. I did keto and the gym just 3 days a week and I'm now down around 155.

    I just bought Aubrey Marcus's new book too. Not sure how you feel about that guy but I like his workout and nutritional philosophy. I definitely recommend it.
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    No Keto for me. My goal is to learn and commit to a lifetime of balanced nutrition. Some of you may have read my stuff prior but I've literally been living on supplements and 1 meal a day for about a year and a half. The result of that is basically malnutrition.

    While my intestinal issues are not going away I'm not longer depriving myself from vegetables, fiber, and some fruit. I've reduced dairy significantly and have curb most fat. I eat whole eggs still and have no plans to change that just yet.

    But no deep frying, no pizza, no bagels. I'm enjoying a diversity of foods in healthy portions EARLY in my day. The change in my muscularity since then is significant.

    Keto is alternative fuel for the body but mine barely understands how to burn the primary. I'm in it for the long haul and that's not a speil this time. Something changed in me, I finally found my correlation between nutrition, activity, and energy. I finally enjoy training and pushing past limits.

    My immediate goal is 20% body fat, I do not care what my weight is at that point. My next steps are to get a fruit based meal in around 1030 and to better balance my two preceding meals.

    6 days of training a week. Shit is finally fun.
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    I've lost almost 90lbs in 11 months. I work out 4 x a week, well sometimes 3 cuz I get lazy lol. I haven't really started cardio other then walking sometimes.

    My problem has been with my benching. Like last week I was working out with 300 and a week later I was struggling with sets of 265.
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    Jeff is excellent
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    This... there is no need for specific diet plans. Keto, south beach, Atkins. The formula is simple, eat healthy, eat clean, stay away from shit drink and food and exercise and workout. It’s really not that hard. I’m glad you are not buying into specific diet formats.
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    This could be from a few things. Fatigue, dehydration or your nutrition. If you are feeling sluggish in anyway hitting that bench or any day for that matter I would be willing to bet you are not eating enough. It would make sense as it seems your main goal is weight loss, some people make this mistake. On another note, great work losing weight.

    I have lost 45lbs I’m at 201 and stronger than I have ever been in my life which is shocking. Anytime I lost weight before I lost strength but that was because my diet was shit. I only eat clean now, Gallon of water a day, i don’t drink anymore and haven’t for over a year now. I lost total desire for it. I eat all day long clean healthy foods and specific to what I may be doing that day for a workout. I am sticking to high protein, mid fats and low carb. I benched 325 for 4 last week. My squat I’m just doing 3 sets of 405x8 and Dead’s I will do sets of 3’s with 500. I’m going to start cutting back on both of those and doing more reps. Prob drop down to 315 in squat and 405 for the dead’s. Those are just numbers from the 3 main comp lifts but I’m doing everything. Hitting every muscle group during the week. Lots of assistance work and I’m also running 3miles a night. I’m by far I’m the best cardio and strength shape of my life. I don’t even look like the same human anymore. Much more vascular now since the weight loss, it’s amazing shit.
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    What finally got me through on cardio was making it into a drill then turning that drill into set.

    With no treadmill I'd do suicide sprints for about 20-30 yards for about 45 seconds of running as fast as possible. Everything I had, but just 45 seconds. Then a minute rest that's either a light jog or walk to recover my breath then another go.

    Do that 4 times and then finish with a 10 minute walk to keep that fat burning.

    On a treadmill I change the speed every minute. Right now I start at 5.7 mph, which used to be a sprint for me ffs, then after one minute I run a minute starting no less than 7.5 mph. I try that for up to 90 seconds (depends on my energy) then back my start speed and then back up to a fast run.

    It is super challenging, and some days I'd fail to maintain the cadence. That's okay though, so long as it's an honest challenge, so long as you're not half assing when you know you could run faster you'll get better over time.

    The result have been instead of me jogging for 40-50 minutes, I'm doing 10 minutes of high intensity cardio with 5 minutes of come down and getting better results.

    You're not limited to running. You could do hill climbers, jumping jacks, jump rope, you could do box jumps, burpees, you could hit a row machine or an agility ladder.

    My recommendation being a heavy, bulky dude myself is to do things more intensely in set intervals, just like your weights, so you spend less time having to stress your joints. For me I like running but never had the confidence to sprint. I got over that mentally and now I go high speed, short range, with some cool down to exploit that heart rate past failure.
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    Interval sprinting the way you are doing them is the best for losing weight. I would normally do 3-5 miles a night at the track just doing a straight run. I have my mile down to about 7:25 right now. The thing is, after I was done I felt good and I felt like I did something but when I was doing sprints for that amount of miles, sprint the straight aways and fast pace walk the corners the after burn hours and hours later was ridiculous. I find it funny that we essentially are doing the same thing. Again ninja awesome job
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    Also, Jeff posted a delt workout. I use that to a T and it’s unreal. Hits all three heads during the workout. That guy is just so informative. Love when he used the dry erase marker on his muscles so you can see which way the fibers go. Makes thing so much more understandable using that apparoach. He is great.
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    I need cardio becaus I'm about Togo to the police academy and don't want to lag behind.
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