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Discussion in 'Training & Nutrition' started by Intellectual, Aug 10, 2009.

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    Insanity and p90x are perfect for those who want to get in full body shape. Lean and toned. UFC fit is apparently their version of this.

    Crossfit, I'm not sold on at all. I've seen them doing some dumb fucking exercises that will injure you. It's supposed to be based off of gymnastic principles with weights and such, but it's brutal on the legs. There is a video of Nick Diaz going on like a 20 minute rant on why cross fit is the worst idea ever. And how no real pro athlete does it.
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    There used to be a really good video on youtube showing the atrocious form that some crossfit trainers allow to go by. That and stupid shit like letting people do pullups or lifts while they've got infants strapped to their chest. Retarded shit.

    There are bad trainers in every gym and fitness program, but this video was painful to watch.
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    I'm a big fan of crossfit. The problem is, if you're planning on participating in Crossfit, you need to do your homework...and a shitload of it at that.
    You have to ensure that you have proper form, breathing technique, range of motion etc. or yes, you could injure yourself. But it's basically the same thing with every workout/exercise.

    Like you said, every gym and fitness program has bad trainers so it's not really fair to use one video as a measuring stick, but I get what you're saying.
    If done properly, Crossfit gyms usually start out with basic movements for beginners. The really intense part comes with experience and practise. They start you off slow and you eventually build up.

    I participated in a Crossfit class and and it was excellent. Along with proper diet, my body fat percentage dropped about 3 percent. I got leaner, stronger and more flexible. I'm not a fan of jogging for an hour. I love high intensity exercise in a smaller timeframe and Crossfit was perfect at the time.
    And no I don't work for Crossfit :)
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    I did a crossfit class here. It definitely kicked my ass. But after a few days I reflected back and decided it wouldn't be for me. I don't have enough experience to ensure correct form and I didn't really have the faith that the trainers would be sure to correct me where I was lacking.

    That and the injury waiver they want you to sign. I'm cool with saving liability if I do something dumb, but their waiver freed them up from other incidents too. If I get a broken foot because some knucklehead jerks his weights up then throws them down at the top of his movement I don't want to be held up for that.

    Like you said, when done properly its a great program. However, it sometimes attracts a strange mentality and you end up with a few dopes that try and do that shit while pregnant or carrying a baby around. Really strange.
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    Who does Kettlebells at 3am when he can't sleep? This guy.
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    I've been working with a CrossFit guy, in a small group, that knows his shit. We always either warmup the specific motions we'll be doing and usually do a few warmup circuits. We've been doing a lot of kettle bell swings, carries, lunges, some powerlifting and Olympic powerlifting, a variety of dynamic strength endurance WODs, and some agility stuff. I went from having a weak knee to making some significant strides across the board. Really whole body stuff focused on real activity and movement. I'm stoked. I don't look forward to it right before I have to do it because it's tough, and pushes each person to go up to or beyond their best. But, after it's done I feel fucking great. The good kind of pain.
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    It's kind of addicting.
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    Keep at it bro!

    It really is. Once you feel the pain enough, you learn to love it and feel bad when it's not there.

    Complacency is the devil's playground.
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    Here's a good one:

    “KB Complex”
    10x KB Swing +
    10x Goblet Squat +
    10x RTW +
    10x Halo +
    10x Deck Squat +
    10x Bottoms Up Press
    10x KB Snatch
    Rest As Needed,
    Five Rounds
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    The right person to get you focused and through the workout, is key.

    When I was in the best shape of my life, I was doing simple pre-white belt (technically black belt in color scheme) Kung Fu workouts (knuckle pushups on rocks, sit ups, jogging with a wood staff above my head, and the Horse Stance with a wood staff or a bucket of truly polluted lake water [7th most polluted body of water in the world at the time] in each hand, so you don't want to spill that shit on you.) I've never been that muscular or low on weight in my life, and I was a young 20 years old. Had the guy training me not been one of my brother's best friends, and someone I respected, I wouldn't have pushed myself.

    Finding the right motivator and/or trainer/training partner is where it's at.
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    Same goes with any discipline be it business, fitness or life.

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