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Israel Adesanya plans to wait for title shot

Discussion in 'General MMA Forum' started by Cat--Smasher, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. S=E

    S=E 5x Pick 'Ems Winner Site Donor

  2. rivethead

    rivethead Neg'd 4 Lyfe

    You would think that Weidman had been with the company long enough to read the writing on the wall...Israel is hot right now, even if his bout with Anderson was underwhelming. If I was Chris--and with Rockhold heading to LHW--I'd focus on devaluing Kelvin (bringing up the last good with Chris has) and look to get a fight there. Of the guys in the top 5, Gastelum is the most beatable for Chris right now. Costa and Yoel are fighting in April, either of them are going to demand a title shot with a win...the MW picture gets muddier and muddier the longer the Reaper sits.

    Conversely, you'd think Kelvin would be asking for Israel immediately for an interim.
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  3. PillowBiter

    PillowBiter Well-Known Member Site Donor

    Weidman has significantly better ring cutting, patience, precision striking, and submissions. But he's painfully slower and on a hell of a KO loss trend. Still a completely different fight and one I'd enjoy seeing as Adesanya has yet to fight a top 5 fighter (and isn't Brunson the only top 10?).
  4. Qball1974

    Qball1974 Tower of Song Site Donor

    Anyone else think he might have kept his foot off the pedal out of respect for Anderson,

    something seemed out of place with that fight.

    Or maybe their styles cancelled each other out ……...
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  5. Kevo

    Kevo SMOKE BOMB!

    Bit of both perhaps
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  6. rivethead

    rivethead Neg'd 4 Lyfe

    I heard Rory did that with Penn, too. I didn't want to believe it at the time. I do, now.
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  7. m1ckey kn0x

    m1ckey kn0x deranged derelict Site Donor

    I think Adesanya was caught up in the moment of fighting Anderson and did not expect a motherfucking game Anderson Silva to show up. He fell for the crying and passionate shit even though he straight up said not to get lulled into that. Anderson always had an amazing mental game on guys and he does it on purpose. It’s not just how he is. It’s like you see this soft non threatening side he portrays but then there’s these moments in the cage where you look at his face and his eyes and you see flashes of a killer. It was like there was an uncomfortable vibe to him in these moments. It was as if the man had a poisonous sting he could hit you with and could cast dread into his opponents when you knew he was zeroing in for the opportunity. It was something strange and terrifying when he turned it on. He was an enigma in his best days.

    I love Adesanya and truly hope for his success, but Silva was the man in that fight and Israel’s youth showed. Silva even dropped his hands and stood straight up and ate 3 punches to the face and gave that dead stare like he didn’t feel a thing. It was glorious for him to do that as if he wanted to remind everyone of who he is even at his age against what was supposed to be the new guard taking the reigns.

    Anderson also forced Israel to walk over to him agaianst the cage. Literally motioned him over and made him give in at first.
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  8. S=E

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  9. Thamob

    Thamob ISYMFS

    I heard his interview on Luke Thomas. He said that was kinda part of the plan out of respect for Silva faking getting hurt and knocking people out

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