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If You Created an MMA Card............

Discussion in 'MMA DREAM MATCHES' started by CrunkJuice, May 31, 2010.

  1. CrunkJuice

    CrunkJuice King of the Dirty South

    If you created an MMA Card and money was no object, and you could pick any fighters, from any era and they would hypothetically perform at their peak on that day day, What Fights would you pick for your Card?

    Pick Prelims and Main event, at UFC 114 there was 11 total fights....so base your number on that many fights for your the card.
  2. Intellectual

    Intellectual Breathe Life Into a Stone

    Off the top of my head, here are fights I would LOVE to see.

    Pride Ring, three 5 min rounds, ufc judges, yellow card system is in effect, and Yuji Shimada is the referee.

    Main Event:
    Aleksander Emelianenko vs Andrei Arlovski (Greatest match up ever)

    Gegard Mousasi vs Shogun Rua
    Fedor Emelianenko vs Brock Lesnar
    Georges St Pierre vs Jake Shields
    Manvel Gamburyan vs Urijah Faber
    Mark Hunt vs Cro Cop II
    Josh Barnett vs Big Nog III
    Wanderlei Silva vs Igor Vovchanchyn

    I honestly don't care for majority of the fights, just want to see the main event fight with AA and AE.
  3. groundgame

    groundgame New Member

    Top of the head.

    Fedor vs Brock main event

    GSP vs Shields
    Shogun vs Anderson Silva
    BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz
    Gegard Mousasi vs King Mo

    Pride Rules. Yellow card in effect. Pride judging.
  4. SandyWH


    Main Event:

    Anderson Silva vs. Shogun Rua
    Fedor E. vs. Brock Lesnar
    GSP vs Shields
    Rickson Gracie vs. Demian Maia
    Serra vs Gomi
    Nick Diaz vs. BJ Penn
    Edgar vs Aldo
    Aleks E. vs Carwin
    Overeem vs Mir
  5. ILJO

    ILJO Bitch Nigga 3000 Site Donor

    Anderson vs Fedor.

    If I see that fight I can die a happy man.
  6. Intellectual

    Intellectual Breathe Life Into a Stone

    I know for a fact that the fight ends in a boring draw with absolutely no controversy. Universally accepted as a draw.
  7. SandyWH


    ends as a No Contest due to cut in first exchange
  8. ArMnHC

    ArMnHC Great Chimdale County Man

    Main Event: Anderson vs Shogun

    Overeem vs Brock
    BJ Penn vs Josh Koscheck
    GSP vs Shields
    Rampage vs Forrest II
    Mir vs AA
    Gilbert Melendez vs Eddie Alvarez (if Bellator and SF can put this together, it will own all!!!)
    Guida vs Faber
    Tito vs Coleman (still wanna see it)
    Bisping vs Belcher

    i did not put Fedor on here for one reason....i am NOT co-promoting with M-1, fuck that! LOL
  9. FrankieButNotEdgar

    FrankieButNotEdgar Well-Known Member Site Donor

    Main Event:

    Fedor Emelianenko vs. the guy that cut him with no doctors to stop the fight on the day the fight actually took place leaving Fedor's perfect record in tact for history. Seriously, he's beaten everyone. Who the fuck should he beat to be the best ever? Brock? Please!

    Chuck vs. Wanderlei Silva before the string of defeats
    Rampage vs. Rashad with Rampage not taking 15 months off
    A truly 100 % healthy Tito vs. Brandon Vera (one of my favorites vs. least favorites)
    Overeem vs. Badr Hari, MMA rules, 4 oz gloves dipped in glass
    Tim Sylvia vs. Josh Barnett with both in their prime, always wanted to see this
    Chael Sonnen vs. Jake Shields
    B.J. Penn vs. Gilbert Melendez

    Fan Expo Super Fights To Be Held Day Before Event

    Don Frye vs. Kimbo Slice
    Dana White vs. John McCarthy
    Ken Shamrock vs. Frank Shamrock
    Bobby Southworth vs. Stephan Bonnar II (to prove that the first decision was complete and utter bullshit and that Bonnar's rise to fame should have never happened the way it did.)
  10. ILJO

    ILJO Bitch Nigga 3000 Site Donor

    You know Fedor had a rematch with that guy and beat him, right? Why see that fight again? He's really not that good
  11. Fat Ass

    Fat Ass I need Help

    Are you talking about Coleman during or post Different Strokes? Either way I think he subs Tito, stands over him and says "what you talking about Tito"...
  12. CrunkJuice

    CrunkJuice King of the Dirty South

    with everybody at their prime

    Fedor V. Brock
    Anderson V. Shogun
    Rampage V. Lil Nog
    Nelson V. Tank
    Kimbo V. Frye
    Randy V. Tito
    Chuck V. Machida
    GSP V. Sheilds
    Kos V. Sakuraba
  13. FrankieButNotEdgar

    FrankieButNotEdgar Well-Known Member Site Donor

    Yea. I'm trying to turn back history to erase the "defeat."
  14. ArMnHC

    ArMnHC Great Chimdale County Man

    Coleman as in Mark LOL ;)

    ---------- Post added at 10:19 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:53 AM ----------

    and i would add Okami vs Hendo to my card too
  15. split2874

    split2874 Relax

    Fedor vs Brock
    Randy vs Bas
    Overeem vs JDS
    Silva vs Shogun
    Shields vs GSP
    Marquat (sp) vs Bisping
    CroCop vs Hendo
    Wandy vs Chuck
    Tito vs Page
  16. Dimson

    Dimson Your tears don't fall...

    Main Event
    Brock/Carwin winner v. Fedor

    6 Fight Main Card
    A.Silva v. Shogun
    Cain v. JDS
    GSP v. Nick Diaz
    Jon Jones v. Bader
    Edgar v. Melendez
    Shields v. Maia

    Free Prelims on Spike
    Aldo v. Manvil Title fight for free
    Jung v. Garcia 2
    Creduer v. Lawlor

    Undercard/Fights I want to see
    Bowles v. Faber at 135
    George S. v. Danzig at 170, so the real TUF champ can finally be crowned
    Lombard v. Marquardt
    Nate Diaz v. Hornbuckle
  17. Paytheplayer

    Paytheplayer Left leg put u 2 cemetery

    I'll base mine off of present day.

    Main card:
    Fedor Emelianenko. vs. Brock Lesnar
    Shogun Rua vs. Anderson Silva
    GSP vs. Nick Diaz
    BJ Penn vs. Gilbert Melendez
    Lyoto Machida vs. Gegard Mousasi

    Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar
    Alistair Overeem vs. Frank Mir (just to see Mir get destroyed)
    Rampage Jackson vs. Jon Jones
    Rashad Evans vs. King Mo
    Jake Shields vs. Demian Maia
    Urijah Faber vs. Kenny Florian

    *Bonus fight*
    Chael Sonnen vs. a Bear, Tiger, Lion, Crocodile, King Cobra, a Hurricane, and a speeding car.
  18. Bran

    Bran The wolf dead.

    a couple things:
    first, i think its hilarious that for your fantasy ppv you decided to add spike prelims
    and second, i think we've figured out who the real TUF 6 champ is when George is undefeated in the ufc and danzig dropped 3 of his last 4
  19. Peno

    Peno All will fall

    Main event: Anderson vs. Fedor

    Brock vs. Overeem
    AA vs. Cro Cop
    Aldo vs. Edgar
    BJ vs Melendez
    Nick diaz vs Chael Sonnen (imagine the shit talking...)
    GSP vs Shields
    Miguel Torres vs Scott Jorgensen
    King Mo vs Rampage
    Shaq vs Hong Man Choi
  20. The Sundance Kid

    The Sundance Kid Outlaw Staff Member

    Fedor vs. Anderson
    Carwin vs. AO
    Kimbo vs. BJ Penn
    Randy vs. Toney
    Chuck vs. Tito
    Jose Aldo vs. Chris Leben
    AA vs. Tim Sylvia
    Royce vs. Renzo
    Joe vs. Dan louzon
    Matt Hughes Vs. Josh Koscheck
    GSP vs. Hong Man Choi
    Nate Diaz vs. Karo Parisyan

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