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For anyone in the IT industry out there. Regarding using dice.com

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by thumper, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. thumper

    thumper Picogrammy Staff Member

    Back in the day I used monster.com and dice.com to find good jobs. Had to weed through moron recruiters with offers for shit way too low and in much different capacities, but overall it worked well. This was back in the late 90's, early 2000's. I didn't need it after that because I had enough repeat clients and referrals. Then in 2010 I changed industries to work from home and no longer needed that type of connection so I didn't go back.

    Recently i decided to go back on the road for one 6 to 12 month stint because we have a big client now and won't be taking on new work. I can do my stuff remotely, but can double up on income this way. I decided to give dice.com a try again but was leery since i assumed it became infested with stupidity instead of just laced with it. So I used a honey hole email. I put up a special alias that i only used there. Holy shit was I glad I did this.

    For one, I never put my phone in and i'm glad I didn't. within 3 days I started getting emails. several per day. i was used to a couple qualified hits per week. Now I was getting 20 per day. I know I'm in a great position that my experience gives me great work, but there's no way i should get that many. I looked through them and some were good but most were junk.

    After 1 week I removed my email address and put 'not looking' on my profile. now they can't get my contact info at all. That was 2 months ago. I am still getting emails today.

    My assessment? It appears what's happening is these spam junk recruiters are likely using an aggregator, and either selling, or trading your email addresses. They are now nothing more than a spam scraping site.

    I highly recommend not using dice.com anymore.

    I started going through google jobs and reading linkedin (even though i don';t use either) and have found better responses there.

    I'm going to do this test on Monster.com too but expect the same results, or worse.
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    Just a bit more information on this.

    Who you have represent you is very important here. If you let a spammer submit you, your name and/or email could get black listed and you'll have a very difficult time finding work at any big company.

    Also, remember this. if you allow one person to submit you for a job, and anyone else submits you for the same job, your name is immediately removed from both because it's a conflict of interest and the company hiring doesn't want anything to do with it.

    So be careful, and DEMAND to know who the company is you're being submitted to before approving them. if you don't know the recruiter, research them before giving them the go-ahead
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