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- ...Finished/survived first formal Muay Thai class.

Discussion in 'Training & Nutrition' started by Noise, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Noise

    Noise Ruido

    Newfound appreciation for Jose Aldo as a fighter and world renowned Cerrone-trademarked FUCK YOU KICKS.

    My legs are fucking dead.

    Shins/lower leg/ankle-foot-part...Pain. Like, not numbing pain - I fucking wish. Just pain. Like a horrible sunburn. But bruised, :ghost:. It was fun though, definitely going to go back regularly. Goes every Tuesday and Thursday, can barely squeeze the class in between my chow break, so.

    (Wish there was a way to deaden nerves, like, instantaneously without serious injury, haha.)

    Fuck, :encouragement:.
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  2. Poindexter

    Poindexter Reputation: ∞ Staff Member

    Nice. I'd like to do that as well. I've been hitting the gym, I think in another couple months I'll follow suit.
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  3. TriangleSmoke

    TriangleSmoke Motherfucker of the Century Site Donor

    I know the feeling. It's an adjustment period. Just wait until you eat a kick and then get your nose busted up in a matter of milliseconds. Yay, so much fun. NOT. Ultimately it's worth it though.
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  4. Pashak

    Pashak Well-Known Member

    After some of those classes you just realize how much of a stupid Cecil Peoples is with his "leg kicks do not finish fights".

    Getting leg kicked is one of the worst experiences there are. The pain is just too real.
    And kicking a heavy bag with your shin also hurts a lot.

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