Fear The Walking Dead Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

Discussion in 'Movie, TV, & Video Games' started by Poindexter, Mar 10, 2015.

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  2. FrankieButNotEdgar

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    I realize TWD had only 6 episodes its first season but now that it's proven, why only 6 episodes of this?
  3. Poindexter

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    I know, WTF?
  4. Trodden

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    name one successful spin-off from another TV show?

    except 'joanie loves chachi' of course

    I know a lot of people who have stopped watching TWD, the new show isnt a guaranteed hit

    if the characters are annoying, or if it isnt darker than TWD, I doubt Ill watch
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  6. MongoloidByChoke

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  7. Trodden

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    meh, it did ok. Didnt have quite the social impact as Cheers. they both had 11 seasons, but Ive never watched an episode of Frasier

    who hasnt seen at least one cheers?

    never heard of it.

    for a show to qualify, IMO, it needs to be well known by people who never watched it

    such as, Ive never watched 'friends', 'that 70's show', 'heroes' etc, and yet I know tons about those shows

    what is torchwood a spin of from?

    the only show I know of that can claim successful spin offs is star trek

    and Ive never watched any of them, but I know what a 'tribble' is
  8. Bran

    Bran The wolf dead.

    So basically, you're the authority on whether or not something is successful?

    There's a SHITLOAD of successful spin-offs, many of which eclipse their parent show in popularity.

    All in the Family had 5 spin-offs, but 3 were successful(Jeffersons, Maude, Archie Bunker's Place) and Good Times was another successful spin-off that came from Maude

    The Flash is currently as successful as Arrow, which is in it's third season. They're already planning a third show spun off from Arrow.

    The Legend of Korra is in its 4th season, while it's parent show, Avatar, only had 3.

    Daria ran for 5 years

    Melrose Place spun-off from 90210, and is just about as successful.

    Better Call Saul seems to be doing pretty well.

    Angel was just as good as Buffy, even ran a season after Buffy was cancelled

    Technically, the Simpsons is a spin-off

    Frasier was a HUGE show and won a bunch of Emmys.

    A Different World ran for 6 seasons

    Torchwood ran 3 seasons in the UK(a lot for them), and was even brought stateside for one season. Sara Jane Adventures was another successful Doctor Who that only ended when the star died.
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  9. Trodden

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    yes......yes I am

    the argument I was making was a show is so successful that society is actually impacted by it. All in the family gave rise to the request for equal rights for women and civil rights. Maude did kind of the same thing, the rest were just fodder

    never seen it, dont know anyone (except maybe on here) who has

    never heard of either. if a show isnt known by people who dont really watch TV, its impact is minimal

    that one Ill give you, but no way people talked about Daria the same amount as Beavis and Butthead. Daria was good, but didnt make the same splash

    just no

    just started, way too early to tell if it made as big an impact as Breaking Bad

    I actually almost mentioned this one, but I never heard anyone talk about it. A pretty big bench mark for a shows success is how often people talk about it

    Futurama is the only show I would call a successful spin off

    but compared to Cheers? which is the #1 factor in determining a successful spin off. Frasier was good, Cheers was better and had a bigger impact on people

    what'ch you talkin bout?

    never heard of torchwood. Ive heard of Dr Who though, but thats it

    its an opinion, as I stated before. Live with it
  10. Clark Kent

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    Ncis was a spin off of jag, then Ncis la. Csi new York and Miami those shows might have stunk but they were all hits
  11. Trodden

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    all the law and order's and ncis's are arguable as successful spin offs,

    but their more clones than going in a new direction

    most spin offs have small elements of the original, but their own voice

    I really enjoy law and order, SVU, etc. But they so similar it just seems like the same show

    sure they focus on different types of crimes, but cops doing cop stuff has been re-written to death

    after NYPD Blue, all cop shows seem the same to me
  12. Poindexter

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    You're definition of "successful" seems fairly fluid from the start and is becoming more eccentric with each post. For the Walking Dead spin-off to be successful it doesn't really need to fit all of the qualifications you've added to the equation.
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  13. Trodden

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    my qualifications are simple

    impact society and get people talking about it

    TWD has a fucking spin off show talking about it

    Ive had countless conversations about TWD, but if its a spin off, no one really talks about it, and doesnt really do anything to popular culture, its impact is small
  14. Bran

    Bran The wolf dead.

    The argument that you, Joe P. Whoeverthefuck, have to have "heard people talk about it" as a parameter of success is hysterical. "I don't know what that is, so it can't be important" is a pretty ignorant way to go through life.

    - - - - - added to post - - - - -

    also, Futurama was NOT a spin-off of Simpsons.
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  15. Trodden

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    you've never heard of 'water cooler' talk?

    having a show being talked about is THE benchmark for a shows success sans ratings

    if youre not watching a show, and still having conversations about it, its a success

    I watch a few shows, better call saul, archer, ghost adventures, the walking dead

    I dont watch any others shows

    Ive never seen that 70's show, yet Ive had many conversations about it

    Ive never seen of 'Arrow', 'Torchwood', 'Flash' or any of the other shows you've mentioned

    nor have I had a conversation about them, had you not mentioned them, Id never hear of them

    I listen to a ton of Metal bands. If you dont listen to metal, but have had conversations about a metal band, would you not consider them successful?

    how many people never listen to Cannibal Corpse, and yet have had a conversation about them?

    if youre not paying attention to something, and yet have to address its existence, its made an impact

    TV is the biggest example of that
  16. Neganomics

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    Are you insinuating that there are other ways to judge the quality of something aside from how popular it is in the general public? That pop culture isn't the only factor?

    Explain yourself.
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  17. Rise

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    Do you not think the water cooler talk would be somewhat based upon the people standing around?

    If my nephews were at the cooler you'd certainly have heard about Arrow and Flash, if the Ex wife was there you'd know about Torchwood, and so on

    And of course very few people are talking about the walking dead spin off it's not on the air yet...

    Basing a show's success on whether you'd heard of it is not really a gauge of it's true success.

    Also not sure but by using your definition Cannibal Corpse would not be deemed as successful (was that your point?)
  18. Trodden

    Trodden Aggretsuko is my power animal

    hearing about it and being so inundated by something you HAVE to talk about it is different

    that have TWD Yahtzee now.

    it is if you work in television. NOW its defined by 'trending', but getting people to talk about a show gets others to try it

    and I think we are getting 'success' and 'influence' different

    a show can be successful and no one talks about it

    Firefly was a hit amongst fans, and got a cult following after it was done, but it wasnt successful till after it was cancelled

    mainly due to word of mouth. thats what gets people watching shows. Id bet at least once you've checked out a show via someones recommendation.

    Bob Dole held a press conference (back in the day) condemning Cannibal Corpse and a huge media storm on the band followed

    besides Ace Ventura, a lot of people got into the band due to people.....wait for it.......talking about them!

    and THEY have since went on to be the best selling Death Metal band of all time

    without a single, or hit

    SOLELY because of word of mouth. that success would not have happened had people not been talking about them
  19. FrankieButNotEdgar

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    Was water cooler talk really used as a barometer of a show's success? Did I really stumble across that?
  20. cheeseflosser

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    Whether or not this is the most "influential" or "impactful" or even "successful" television show has no bearing on my watching it.

    I'm personally interested in seeing what the writers can do in a medium that's not even partially bound by the comics. I think that's what they wanted to do anyway.

    I always wondered why they didn't randomly choose characters/zombies and run 15 minute webisodes on their stories leading up to and in the aftermath of the apocalypse.

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