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"EBI 17: The Combat Jiu-Jitsu Middleweights" Tonight, September 29th

Discussion in 'Boxing & Grappling' started by Poindexter, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Poindexter

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  2. Noise

    Noise Ruido

    I wonder how this combat thing has been embraced by the grappling community? It just seems like a silly addendum/novelty, the basis of which begs the question: why not go full bore with it and allow punching? Why stop at slapping if the spirit of this is to mimic real life whatever?

    God, I wish Metamoris had worked out. That platform, the production, the set-up, everything was so fucking pleasing to watch.

    I only wish there were no time limits on matches; I guess that's another thing I don't understand/wish were different. Fuck it; livestream a match for 12-24-67 hours. Would rather watch someone tap to exhaustion than an arbitrary decision or draw or whatever.
  3. Palma

    Palma I am chaos

    Pretty much, everyone thinks it's legit and no one wants to do it after watching it.
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