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Discussion in 'Movie, TV, & Video Games' started by Thamob, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Tapout

    Tapout Bringing Sexy Back Site Donor

    It's super misleading. Like for the fact that she was a motorcycle street champion and this was well within her skill set. She did it 5x in a row perfect and fucked uped the 6th time going faster than the stunt was supposed to go.
  2. Nebraska

    Nebraska Poindexter For President NFL S.P. Champion Site Donor

    I don't think it's in any way misleading. It's just a different account of the incident from a different source.
  3. Rise

    Rise Well-Known Member

    Maybe not misleading but seems like it needs a lot more substance behind it.

    The Workplace board is investigating though so we'll hopefully see what comes of it and hopefully the off the record source is willing to step up and say something to them when given the chance.
  4. Trodden

    Trodden The autumn air Thickly fills my lungs So sweetly


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