Cyborg vs Joe Rogan

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  1. LebenTysonTank

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    Edit: PRIDE rules. That includes that all Mexican supplements and picograms are allowed for both fighters. Who wins?
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  2. Miz

    Miz mortality, ka, and the Tower

    They look pretty similar in size.
    I know a buddy who has stood by Cyborg and said she is huge!
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  3. Kano

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    Rogan is an accomplished amateur fighter and on more special sauce than Cyborg.

    Rogan takes it.

    A better fight would be Cyborg vs the bald red douche wad (Dana).
    Cyborg could win that, Dana's gas tank would be 75 seconds.
  4. Monsterman

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    Rogan is something like 200 pounds and he is also a man so he should probably take it, would be funny if he lost though.

    I have never watched wrestling so I donĀ“t know how that really works but they should have tag team match with both Cyborgs vs Dana and Rogan.
    edit: (With Pride rules)

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