Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez set for the LW Title at UFC 205

Discussion in 'General MMA Forum' started by Sakara=Excitement, Sep 8, 2016.

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  2. Tapout

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    He should Defend or drop the title. I don't see an inbetween.
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  3. S=E

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    Money and marketing, at least for Conor. If he wins he's a two weight champ, holding two belts at the same time, never before done in the UFC. He wants to defend his FW title then against Aldo in a huge PPV as a dual champ in Ireland making Bill Gates money.
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  4. SickNasty

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    Fuck it, I'd like to see a two weight champ.

    But I think Eddie takes that fight.
  5. Sniggles

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    Perhaps a stipulation that Conor MUST fight Aldo next if he is ever to take a title shot is the only way I could swallow this pill. I think this fight is bullshit without fighting Aldo first.

    The UFC has always been about short term gain in terms of matchmaking.
  6. Trodden

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    This is stupid if true

    Either Conor is ducking Aldo, or doesn't want Aldo to get a payday

    Maybe Conor is hoping Aldo will get tired of waiting and go to bellafarce

    Before I die Conor better fight Frankie or I will call Conor a bitch with every breath
  7. Nebraska

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    I think he should be stripped of the FW belt for even trying to negotiate a fight with Alvarez.

    I don't think belts are that all important in the short-term; they are more of a legacy builder. That said, fighters still have a responsibility to defend titles on a somewhat regular basis when they are champion.
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  8. 1inthechamber

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    I wouldn't consider him fw champ. By then im sure Aldo will probably have defended his "interim" belt.

    Besides what happens if he loses to Eddie? Another instant rematch? No thank you.
  9. S=E

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    Aldo says he has 'friendly relationship' with McGregor

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  10. m1ckey kn0x

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    Conor brought Aldo a coffee with sugar. Interesting.
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  11. Poindexter

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  12. Fedorlei Gomipierre

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    The thing about Conor/Eddie is that IMO, it really sets the stage for the Conor/Cowboy for the 155 title on a really massive stage to do massive business, which feels like the theme with all Conor bouts. From that, I don't see them taking time out to have Conor cut down to 145 and further complicate things by running up against a serious challenger in Aldo, when there's bigger fish to fry at 155(Cerrone, Diaz III etc).
  13. Rise

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    Conor either needs to defend the FW title next or be stripped of it. He's had two novelty fights in the past 9 months meanwhile...

    He should have had to defend it against Edgar who did enough to warrant a title shot.
    With Aldo beating Edgar he clearly has a case for a rematch now
    And you have Holloway who has done enough now to warrant a shot at this point

    If Conor were to skip out on a defense again there is no realistic way he could claim to be a 2 division champ when legit challengers are in wait.
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  14. Miz

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    Yes! I am all about this. Fuck it. Alvarez then Aldo. I don't care. I just want to see Connor fight. It makes sense to me. If he loses to Alvarez he can still fight Aldo. If he loses to Aldo he can't still fight Alvarez. Either way we get great fights.
  15. Cat--Smasher

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  16. Spoon

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    Fuck Conor McGregor. If he doesn't defend his title, then he's a fucking pussy. If he feels he can make more money elsewhere, then he should drop the title and move on. In the last 2 fights out of his division, he got destroyed, and then looked like shit (I honestly don't see how people think McGregor/Diaz 2 was a great fight.) Who the fuck has McGregor fought to deserve special considerations? The gate keeper Mendes, who's suspended for growth hormones (big fucking surprise), Aldo with a lucky punch, and Diaz by a decision that hung in the balance by 1 round.

    Hope this fight doesn't happen, or if it does, I hope Alvarez KO's him bad.
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  18. Nebraska

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    Yeah, except he doesn't do it in 90% of his posts with a laundry list of different fighters.
  19. FrankieButNotEdgar

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    I love it. Make it happen. Aldo can wait. Have him fight Pettis.
  20. Pashak

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    Wow, this must be the dumbest post I have seen in a very long time.
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