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Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone set for UFC 246 Main Event on Jan. 18

Discussion in 'General MMA Forum' started by S=E, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. Anchorpunch

    Anchorpunch Well-Known Member Site Donor

    Conor has also spoken multiple times about the need to rest after KOs. I believe he put into his calculation that Donald is coming almost 4 months after a KO.

    And he's definitely gunning for the Masvidal fight.
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  2. GangGreenWarrior

    GangGreenWarrior Well-Known Member

    I find it odd that the majority of people here haven't figured out that this qualifies as a "big fight". How does Cowboy do in big fights? By my count he's 0-all of them in big fights.
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  3. NotSoDarkAngel

    NotSoDarkAngel Well-Known Member

    Sadly true. It’s also another rare example of a non-title PPV main event. Unless of course they make up another BS title for it.
  4. Sydman

    Sydman Active Member

    Its the interim BMF belt while Masvidal is off fighting for the welterweight championship.
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  5. chuckthechamp

    chuckthechamp #NinerEmpire

    I get that on paper Cerrone should have advantages at 170..i somehow think though Conor is gonna tko him 1st round. Conor has pretty damn good tdd and Cerrone is slowing down considerably.
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  6. Noise

    Noise Ruido

    Conor's speed is a huge danger for Cerrone, for sure. Particularly if he's stupid enough not to come in and try to wear Conor down with some type of grappling. I would not put dumb past Cowboy.

    All he has to do is enlighten Conor on what it feels like to get those front legs kicked by a big motherfucking 170-lbs. mid-tier horse for him to be alright though.

    I don't know. I'm really looking forward to it, though. We'll be due a 1) finish or 2) classic.
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  7. Cat--Smasher

    Cat--Smasher Putting the stamp on kids Staff Member


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  8. disposableassassin

    disposableassassin Mutatis Mutandis Site Donor

    I wonder which cerrone we are going to get in this fight? Cowboy also holds the UFC record for choking in big fights
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  9. thumper

    thumper Picogrammar Staff Member

    i wish i could see it another way, but the slow motion Cerrone I've seen the last 2 fights isn't going to win this one.

    he's always looked a little slow because he's lanky and it looks slower, but he slowed down noticeably lately


    If this Cerrone showed up it would be different

  10. Nebraska

    Nebraska Poindexter For President NFL S.P. Champion Site Donor

    I doubt this is going the way Ariel expected it to.

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  11. Miz

    Miz mortality, ka, and the Tower

    That’s an easy one! Connor Cowboy is fun but Khabib Tony is life.
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  12. Afro

    Afro The Autumn Wind is a Raider

    If Conor can fight one time in 3 years, spending the majority of that time doing cocaine and punching old folks that won't buy his whiskey, and still look like the same killer he was pre-Nate Diaz then he truly is Mystic.
  13. CA_Gas Bag

    CA_Gas Bag Well-Known Member

    *sobbing* "B-b-but guys, Conor's fighting!"
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  14. Swiftboy

    Swiftboy First Prestige

    Am I the only one who thought Connor looked pretty good in the Khabib fight?
    I know he got knocked down and then later choked out, but still.

    I know that's a fraught question to ask considering the strong emotions involved in that fight.
  15. Nebraska

    Nebraska Poindexter For President NFL S.P. Champion Site Donor

    I thought he looked as good as he’ll ever look against Khabib. He moved well, he landed shots, and he made the takedowns tough to secure and score out of at times.
  16. thumper

    thumper Picogrammar Staff Member

    claiming he wants to fight 3 times in one year looks more to me like he's needing money.

    I agree. But I also think Khabib was much more effective on the feet than I expected.

    Truth be told most of that was because Conor had to pay more attention to the take down attacks so he wasn't completely focused on striking, but there were times i thought Khabib did a lot better than anyone gave him credit for prior to the fight.

    I still think Conor is very good but I don't think he looked any better in that fight than he did the previous couple. I don't think he's added much, and since I'd bet money he hadn't been in the gym since he last fought he's going to spend this entire camp (well most of it) working on TDD. The problem is, you don't get enough defense in a few months to beat Khabib's lifetime of work. Even knowing what he's going to do I don't think he can stop him.
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  17. LebenTysonTank

    LebenTysonTank Well-Known Member

    I guess I'm always the one known for saying what is viewed as some outlandish shit,but I think considering the long layoff/ring rust factor,the loss of hunger/love for the game,and the level of competition,Conor actually looked pretty damn impressive against Khabib.

    I honestly don't share the sentiment that it's straight up impossible that after Conor gets 2 or 3 fights under his belt,is in top shape,studies the mistakes he made in the first fight,and gets laser focused on the rematch,that it's impossible for Conor to beat Khabib the next time they fight.

    2 things that even the biggest Conor hater has to admit that work in Conors favor are that:

    1. Conor has a VERY HIGH fight I.Q. and learns from his mistakes. Obviously the most sufficient evidence would be seeing the difference from the first Nate Diaz fight to the second one. If you're being honest with yourself I'd bet that you thought Conor winning the rematch with Nate looked pretty hopeless as well.

    Conor is a very astute student of the game and is very talented at finding a fighters weaknesses and holes in there game and capitalizing on them.

    2. You have to admit that in correlation to the first point, is that Khabib is very predictable to game plan for. It's not like Khabib is going to surprise everyone and come out with a Masvidal flying knee to take Conor out as his gameplan in the rematch. It's fairly obvious what Khabib is going to try to do. I think now that Conor has actually FELT Khabib and his strength and pressure,he knows exactly what he has to stay away from doing.

    The thing is with Khabib and his predictability is like what Mike Tyson said when Razor Ruddock called him predictable), "Yeah so is a hurricane predictable,but what can you do about it?"

    I think that Conor gains a lot more as far as knowledge and experience for what to do in the rematch than Khabib does. Conor has the ability to completely switch things up on Khabib and pull out a few tricks that Khabib isn't expecting to be successful.
  18. Swiftboy

    Swiftboy First Prestige

    Same same.

    And I re-watched the fight a couple months ago, and tried to really watch carefully. I actually feel like Connor had to momentum going in his direction right up until the takedown that lead to the finish. If I remember correctly he had thwarted several takedowns that round, all using the same technique. Then he lost focus for a second, made a mistake, Khabib capitalized, game over.

    Connor has said as much in interviews, which is what made me look for that mistake so carefully (it was some type of underhook or something that he put his hand/arm the wrong way, I saw it when I was looking for it). But he also is Connor so it came off like a bunch of complaining and excuses.

    I favoured Khabib that night and I would favour him again in a rematch, but I don't think it's outlandish to think Connor could win or once again make it competitive.
    And his lifestyle could easily lead to quickly deteriorating skills and conditioning, but I don't think he's shown anything like that to date.

    I have it as a top notch win for Khabib, rather than him exposing Connor.
    Anyway, I'd be excited for a rematch if Connor ever gets one, is really my only point.
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  19. Poindexter

    Poindexter Reputation: ∞ Staff Member Survival Pool Champion

    I would have to re-watch. I felt like McGruber had chances in the fight, but overall looked not as sharp or as motivated as he had been a few years ago.
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  20. disposableassassin

    disposableassassin Mutatis Mutandis Site Donor

    I remember three things from that fight clearly;
    1. Mac's lead leg was miles in front of him
    2. Mac looked a little slower than I was used to
    3. Khabib crushed his head
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