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Discussion in 'MMA University' started by titan, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. titan

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    Did BJ train with Marv Marinovich for the first Edgar fight? Also, is he training with Marv for the rematch?

    To me, Marv is the key for BJ's growth and sustained dominance. He needs somebody to push him when he trains, and his team in Hawaii can't do that
  2. Tapout

    Tapout Bringing Sexy Back Site Donor

    He did train with Marv...I think the humidity took a toll on BJ, and the travel. Jetlag can be a bitch. I doubt the UFC does an outside card again like that one.
  3. ArMnHC

    ArMnHC Great Chimdale County Man

    yes he did train with Marv and his brother. and im sure he's training with him again. Marv has helped bring the best out of BJ.

    BJ had a sinus infection while he was in Abu Dhabi. i dont care what anyone says, that shit sucks! i have had two of them in the past 3 months. it zaps all your energy and id imagine a fighter with a serious sinus infection would have major issues training. props to BJ for making it 25 minutes.
  4. foundstarr

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    Humidity here is so random, everyone I know is having sinus problems.

    I've had a sinus headache for a week, it will effect your life, regardless of what you do.
  5. strife

    strife I

    I'm a massive BJ fan...he's my favorite fighter. But honestly, he lives in Hawaii so I can't imagine the humidity would be that big of an issue. Also, it's not like BJ was the only one having to deal with the travel, humidity, and all the other dumb shit that came along with fighting at Abu Dhabi.

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