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Discussion in 'General MMA Forum' started by thumper, Dec 6, 2017.

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    There have been times in the past when the website went down for whatever reason. Most times it was due to maintenance, installing new stuff, etc.

    Each time we struggle to find a place to get information, or if someone gets inadvertently banned or otherwise can't connect they have no idea where to go to tell anyone.

    8 years ago there was a subreddit created and when news got posted new threads were put there. For some bizarre reason it got banned. A month ago I requested access and got it. The sub is no longer banned.

    From now on any time you can't reach the forum, visit this subreddit to ask questions, post etc.

    You can also use it for a neat little bot i had attached to it.

    I added a custom theme to the sub so it will look at least a little familiar:
    You can also click the switch at the top right that says 'night mode' or 'normal'

    Couple thoughts.

    1. I'm testing the automod and currently have it set up for removing comments with swearing. I'm just doing this to test it because it has to be set up. i'll remove that once i'm done. but i need spam protection.

    2.if you want to know the scores and judge's cards (as well as fan votes) to any previous UFC fight there's a bot that answers questions

    Go into any post and leave a comment. Say 'decisionbot fighter vs figther' and it will reply in a few seconds with the results, and other info about the fight. you can see how it works by visiting this thread

    if your fight had multiple events it responds with all of them.

    example. I queried it for penn vs edgar and this is what it replied


    Finally, this is NOT an attempt to move people from here to there. it's only being put up as a failsafe so if the site drops or you can't get here. Post there. I'll see it for sure since I'm on reddit all the time and get notices.

    it's a good way to alert someone if you can't login as well.
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  3. thumper

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    It's not intended to be used like the forum though, it's only a backup. i'll sticky the thread, but everyone should bookmark it so they know where to go if they can't get here.
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    This is a good idea. Nice work, man.
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    Awesome thump. Great stuff.
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    Shit I didn't see the replies.

    Not a problem. Was just having flashbacks of when we tried to migrate to vBulletin after they cratered it and we didn't have a backup place to go to. even though we have massive amounts more resources now to put up sites/servers there's always a chance something will happen and it could take hours to resolve. This way we have a secondary place where we can at least catch up and get status updates which we can make sticky.

    god forbid it happens on event night but if so we could make a thread there if we're down here.

    It's also a good idea for anyone that can't get to the forum for some off-reason. Surely they'll know someone else they can reach and anyone can see this thread now that it's sticky, so there's a place to go to ask questions if they cant get here.

    the important part is for people here to know about it.
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    I don't know how to reddit.

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