At least 27 dead in Texas church shooting

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    93 people out of 323MM is the definition of minuscule; hell that is less than minuscule.

    Im all for stricter gun laws in the US though im not so sure that would decrease the likeliness of these events from happening but whatever. It makes sense to have background checks, psych evaluations, and waiting periods.

    Im okay with just 1 and more because I live in the real world and in the real world people kill other people; always have and always will. People do fucked up things; sometimes with guns sometimes without guns. I dont pretend to live in some fantasy world where everybody gets along and is nice to one another. The difference is I dont blame the gun for the actions of people.

    I should be able to own a double sided knife I dont see why I shouldnt (not that really care to own one). Actually I can buy fertilizer and racing fuel, its just monitored now; its not against the law. There are places I cant carry a gun (or knife) and im fine with that.

    The news story I heard was the guy took a shot/took fire from a private citizen and fled the scene and then shot himself. This is from multiple news outlets. According to law enforcement this private citizen potentially saved many more people from being killed. So, if that is in fact the case then you're wrong; the good guy with a gun did stop the bad guy with a gun.

    Whats to stop a person from going into a store with a regular handgun or shotgun or bolt action rifle and shooting up a store where my wife and kids are at? Or throwing a can of gas and lighting it? Or going in with a knife and stabbing my wife and kids? Nothing.

    Im sorry for harping on the ban the guns spiel but your posts really made it sound like thats what you were proposing. Im of the opinion that having open discussion on any and all topics are good for people on all sides of the discussion so I dont mind the topic being brought up and talked about.
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    wtf man, quite a few of those 93 (per day, not per yer or decade) are kids

    in other words, you dont see it and it doesnt effect you so you dont care

    its has had that effect in EVERY other country its been implemented in

    are you really missing the point?

    yes, people will kill other people. but the fact that it will happen doesnt mean we need to make it easier

    its not about you and what you would or wouldnt do

    its about the public and the fact that some people cant be trusted

    yes, and why? cause some guy blew up a building (once) in Oklahoma City and laws were changed to protect us

    that was April of 1995 and after one incident laws were enacted and enforced

    there have been over 80 mass shootings since then (and thats just whats classified as 'mass shootings', not all gun violence) and gun laws have become looser since then with now silencers being considered for legalization

    EXACTLY! yes, those things can happen

    so WHY give that person a weapon which ONLY serves to make it easier to kill a ton more people in a shorter amount of time and at greater distances

    thats like saying 'any kid can make a bomb from an internet recipe. why not legalize nukes for everyone!'

    all I was proposing was the discussion over whats necessary

    fears drive whats inferable
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    The "only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" is kinda bullshit.

    Wouldn't stopping the bad guy with a gun, from getting the fucking gun be a better solution?
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    this is America

    we make decisions based on fears not facts
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    How do we do that?
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    How do you propose we do that?

    And how is that bullshit? Its either a cop or a private citizen that puts a stop to the shooting every time. They might not be the one that kills the shooter as the a lot of these cowards just kill themselves but in most cases they put a stop to the shooting.
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    most die from self inflicted gun shots

    Fact Check: No, More Guns Won’t Prevent Mass Shootings

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    Limitations on gun purchases, national database with uniform language with regards to people's convictions of violent acts and known mental health issues, closing gun show loopholes etc.

    I will admit that doesn't prevent someone good doing something bad with a gun, but they are steps, reasonable steps, that could be taken to help curtail senseless gun violence.

    Also, it's bullshit because, in the case of the church shooting, 20+ people had already been fucking shot before a "good guy with a gun" made an appearance. If a bad guy couldn't get his hands on a gun - at least not as easily as he can now - then the good guy with a gun and just be a fucking good guy with a gun and not need to put themselves and other bystanders in additional danger.

    Also, for the record, I don't think you should have your guns taken away.

    But your right to own a gun is not nearly as important as someone else's right to simply live. ( Oversimplification, I know, but still )
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    The fact that we are still arguing this based on the good guy with a gun/bad guy with a gun false dichotomy shows that we still have not appropriately laid the foundations for a productive discussion going forward.

    If you only see people as fitting into the categories of "bad" and "good", then you have an immature idea of what humanity is. Without establishing the idea that individuals are complex in their morality as being nothing short of categorical fact, the rest of the discussion simply cannot advance.

    I'm kind of sad that even has to be said. That is a harsher statement as to where our society is than any number of gun crimes.
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