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Animale training

Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by animale, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. animale

    animale violente Animale

    I'll start with yesterday


    Work capacity circuit

    5 pull ups
    10 med ball slam (18lb non bounce ball)
    15 bur pees
    20 jumping jacks

    Complete entire circuit in 1 min 15 sec leaving you 45 seconds rest
    Keep repeating until total time of 20 min is reached

    After 20 min circuit move on to the finisher

    Sandbag carry for time

    110lb sandbag bear hug walk - 20 minutes

    * walk with the bag until you physically can't hold it then shoulder the bag and continue walking

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    Interval treadmill training

    5 min @ 3.5mph
    5 min @ 5mph
    5 min @ 6mph
    5 min @ 7mph
    1 min @ 3.5mph
    .25 mile @ 5
    .25 mile @ 6
    .25 mile @ 7
    5 min @ 3.5

    Core training

    Turkish get up x 5 per side
    Dead lift twist x 6 per side
    V-ups. X 15

    Repeat 4 times
  2. animale

    animale violente Animale


    mitt work for an hour with boxing coach

    3 5 min shadow boxing rounds

    heavy sparring
    Seven 5min rounds
  3. Paytheplayer

    Paytheplayer Left leg put u 2 cemetery

    Just curious.

    Are you training for something? Or are these just your everyday workouts?
  4. animale

    animale violente Animale

    Yeah fight coming up in 3 weeks
  5. drop toe hold

    drop toe hold Bill Brasky

    give us some details. Where? whats your record? can you get a video? videos of other fights? stand up guy, bjj, wrestler, ground and pound? weight? and good luck man and welcome to the forum
  6. animale

    animale violente Animale


    strength training in the 11-1230

    Interval treadmill training 1500-1530

    skill training ( Grappling/wresling practice) 1900-2100

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    Im an ametuer im 1-1 and getting ready for a fight on the 26th. My recent lose was a title fight. I started doin strictly BJJ like 3 years ago and then hooked up with the right people and started expanding. im comfortable standing or on the ground. always trying to improve,learn and become more well rounded.
  7. Ninjastix

    Ninjastix Damn Gina Site Donor

    Please find the following avatar below:

  8. Walter Sobchak

    Walter Sobchak Crank some Frank!

    squats deadlift bench strict curl....FTW!
  9. animale

    animale violente Animale

    Friday 1/11/11

    Interval treadmill workout

    Saturday 1/12/11

    Randy couture's grappler circuit

    Sunday 1/13/11

    Bjj gi and no gi

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