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Amanda Nunes vs. Holly Holm

Discussion in 'MMA DREAM MATCHES' started by dan the man, Dec 31, 2016.


Amanda Nunes vs. Holly Holm

  1. Amanda Nunes

  2. Holly Holm

  1. dan the man

    dan the man Gina Carano's personal sex slave

    Amanda Nunes vs. Holly Holm

    Who takes it?

    Public vote, just to make ILJO happy.......
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  2. sourdough

    sourdough Sourdough Site Donor Asst. Bookie

    Holm is good enough to avoid being KOd for the first two rounds. Her cardio advantage will take over after that.
  3. Hassquatch

    Hassquatch Slayer

    Holm via reach.

    Nunes via power.

    Good match-up. It should happen.
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