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A Harvey Weinstein question

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by thumper, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. thumper

    thumper all around great guy Staff Member

    i just posted,. did a little research on his panhandling pages.

    not shockingly, both his campaign's were 'flexible' goals, not 'fixed'. meaning he keeps the money regardless of whether it hits or not.

    Wonder why he used that site? not hard to set unattainable goals then get a built in excuse for not having to do anything with the money...
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  2. Trodden

    Trodden Aggretsuko is my power animal

    because googling 'paycheck' didnt pan out
  3. Sakara=Excitement

    Sakara=Excitement Live.Love.Learn Site Donor


    “It’s not a documentary. It’s a film. I want to make a feature film, which is why I need the budget,” Feldman reasoned. “It will be a very true story. We will have every name…we’re talking about a theatrical release.”


    Feldman says in addition to needing the $10 million to fund his film, he needs the money for his attorneys and a security team for his own protection.
    --- Post Added -- Oct 31, 2017, ---
    He said he has already reported to the police and investigators all of the names.
  4. thumper

    thumper all around great guy Staff Member

    12 years ago

    --- Post Added -- Oct 31, 2017, ---
    if he's already reported the names, what's the documentary security team lawyer money movie for? it would all be public record and front page of every newspaper if any charges came. course, statute of limitations would be 20 years past, so doing that wouldn't do much or be relevant, or even someone anyone could check up on

    it's the way he approaches it that makes it strange. give me 10m so i can tell everyone. Oh by the way, if you give me $1,000,000 you can be named as an executive producer of the movie (seriously)

    the 50+ women that came out against weinstein weren't asking the public for a shitload of cash? i don't think the 50+ (or however many) women that came out against cosby did either

    most of those women in both cases are long past the time frame to sue either one. so there's no money for them at all

    Now that this is open season, just say it

    His premise appears awful close to a cash grab rather than a necessity. that's all I'm saying. and right on the heels of his failed campaign for a new album campaign
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  5. Poindexter

    Poindexter Reputation: ∞ Staff Member

    He's a weird one.
  6. thumper

    thumper all around great guy Staff Member

    yeah he is. The bad part is it's not really his fault he's all fucked up. Well, I should say it might not be. but being passed around like a fuck toy to a bunch of fat greasy dudes HAS to fuck with your mind a lot, and that happened when he was like, a tweener. so i'm sure it's melted his brain.

    It's just really really hard to see past his obsession with michael jackson. the guy is 46 and still tries to be a pop star even though he can't sing or dance. then he's just fucking strange.

    but i feel bad when i see it because of his past.
  7. Ninjastix

    Ninjastix Damn Gina Site Donor

    Apparently... There's a New York Times story that's about to break regarding Louis C.K. They pulled his appearance on Colbert and a premiere of his new film as a precaution apparently.

    All apparent. Like Kevin Spacey's career.

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