6 Famous Geniuses You Didn't Know Were Perverts

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by The Sundance Kid, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. The Sundance Kid

    The Sundance Kid Outlaw Staff Member

    Cracked coming through with the quality article once again.

    nothing quite sums up Mozart's dirtiness as well as when he told his cousin that he wanted to "shit on her nose" and watch it "drip down her chin."


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  2. TheKidInside

    TheKidInside New Member

    Einstein was the fucking MAN!!!
  3. ArMnHC

    ArMnHC Great Chimdale County Man

    LOL i was just watching 40 Yr Old Virgin last night and this reminded me of a few lines from the movie, where Steve Carell was having an argument with his chick towards the end...

    Andy: "Albert Einstein had a bike."

    Trish: "Albert Einstein also had a wife, that he FUCKED!"

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  4. The Sundance Kid

    The Sundance Kid Outlaw Staff Member

    Thanks for fixing this clint.

    As you can tell I don't know much about HTML.lol
  5. Clint

    Clint Administrator Staff Member

    lol yeah I'm not positive what happened there, I just delete the shit that I thought might have been the problem
  6. The Sundance Kid

    The Sundance Kid Outlaw Staff Member

    I just highlighted what I wanted, clicked, "View Selected source" copied that and then pasted it here.
  7. Kano

    Kano My New Challenge Site Donor

    James Joyce's entry from the original article.

    At every fuck I gave you your shameless tongue came bursting out through your lips and if I gave you a bigger stronger fuck than usual, fat dirty farts came spluttering out of your backside. You had an arse full of farts that night, darling, and I fucked them out of you, big fat fellows, long windy ones, quick little merry cracks and a lot of tiny little naughty farties ending in a long gush from your hole."

    Huh. That's, uh... whose idea was it to release these letters again?

    "It is wonderful to fuck a farting woman when every fuck drives one out of her. I think I would know Nora's fart anywhere. I think I could pick hers out in a roomful of farting women. It is a rather girlish noise not like the wet windy fart which I imagine fat wives have. It is sudden and dry and dirty like what a bold girl would let off in fun in a school dormitory at night. I hope Nora will let off no end of her farts in my face so that I may know their smell also. "

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