31 in 31 Halloween Horror Movie Challenge

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  1. Fedorlei Gomipierre

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    I've been doing this for a bunch of years, it's a whole lot of fun but depending on the parameters, it can be a bit much for some folks. The basic idea is that you challenge yourself and friends to watch 31 horror movies over the course of the month of October, culminating in the best horror movie pick on Halloween night itself.

    There are ways you can go about it so the challenge is a little more difficult, so my friends and I added the caveat of only horror movies you haven't seen yet, so I'm watching 31 horror movies of varying quality from the past year and it helps if you lay off the genre fare for the few months prior lol. But you can do other things like "no sequels or remakes" or make it so you have to watch at least one movie from each decade and make yourself a bit of a bingo checklist, and it's a lot of fun and usually exposes you to at least a few hidden gems.

    I'd recommend hardcore horror movie fans try to take a bite out of this, I always enjoy myself and obviously you don't end up watching a movie every night and maybe pile-up a bunch of viewings over the course of a few Friday nights, so it's totally do-able and something different to try out for the jaded horror movie fan.

    Just thought I'd drop a thread here about it, since I don't think I've ever mentioned it and it's always a gas. Between Netflix, Shudder, Amazon and VOD, it's pretty easy to come up with a decent 31 before going into the deeper dives of buying on iTunes or an amazon purchase. If anybody is interested, I'll repost as I get through my watchlist. Enjoy.
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  3. Kevo

    Kevo SMOKE BOMB!

    Calm down Meltzer
  4. Ninjastix

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    I usually do Halloween on Halloween (corny I know) and Carpenter's The Thing. For the uninitiated either I play or make them play PT.

    This year I have the original Black Christmas on slate and I'm going to scoop up the last movie to really scare me The Entity. I'm also adding From Beyond this year.

    Some overlooked classics are the original Fright Night, Creepshow, the original Amityville Horror, Prince of Darkness, Tourist Trap, Night of The Demons, Trick or Treat (80s metal movie), and Legend. All are sure to entertain.
  5. Bran

    Bran The wolf dead.

    I think if I tried this, I’d wind up just browsing Netflix, unable to decide what to watch for two hours. Any chance you’d want to make a quick list of spookies on Netflix or Hulu to get me started? I’m still rewatching the last few Halloween movies, so I’ve got at least until October 3rd before I’d need your list, but would love a push
  6. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent Well-Known Member

    So far I’ve watched child’s play 1 2 an 3 since yesterday.
  7. Fedorlei Gomipierre

    Fedorlei Gomipierre The IQ Poster Site Donor

    The Entity is so badass, they released a nice blu after years of it being OOP(which was expensive as hell), I've also got the novel that the movie is based on and needless to say, it's a lot more in-depth...and she's full of shit haha. There's a really fun Fright Night doc that came out a year or so ago that's on Shudder that's cool too. My Trick or Treat copy is so cruddy since I think there's a rights issue that's lead to it never getting a proper release on DVD(just a bargain bin distributor).

    If I'm listing off my faves, it'd look like:
    1. Noroi, 2. The Mist b/w cut, 3. The Thing/The Fog/Halloween, 4. The Beyond, 5. Candyman, 6. TCM 1, 7. The Evictors, 8. Dead & Buried, 9. Madhouse, 10. Phantasm 1, 2, 3,

    It might be a bit different since Canadian Netflix is pretty dreadful and I don't have Hulu etc., but I kept a running list years ago and if it's on there, it's worth a watch, the higher the better and omitting the obvious ones:

    The Blair Witch Project
    Noroi: The Curse
    The Descent
    The Mist (B/W Cut)
    The Thing
    The Innkeepers
    The Beyond
    House of the Devil
    Session 9
    The Children (2008)
    Madhouse (1981)
    Day of the Dead (1985)
    The Fog
    High Tension
    The Blob (Remake)
    The Devil’s Rejects
    Dawn of the Dead (1978)
    Let The Right One In
    Don’t Look Now
    The Exorcist
    John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness
    Pet Sematary
    A Nightmare on Elm Street
    John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness
    The Entity
    The Dead Zone
    Exorcist 3: Legion
    Dead and Buried
    Bad Dreams
    30 Days of Night
    Lake Mungo
    Angel Heart
    Fright Night (Original)
    Cabin in the Woods
    Night of the Creeps
    Stir of Echoes
    The Burning
    Phantasm 2
    Tourist Trap
    Drag Me To Hell
    Lords of Salem
    Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter
    The Canal
    Don’t Go into the House
    Ken Russell’s The Devils
    He Knows You’re Alone
    It Follows
    Beyond the Darkness
    The Loved Ones
    From a Whisper to a Scream
    Night of the Living Dead (1990)
    Storm of the Century
    My Bloody Valentine (original director’s cut)
    Night of the Demons (original)
    Dawn of the Dead (remake)
    The Omen
    The Prowler
    Terror Train
    Cold Prey
    The Evictors
    Silver Bullet
    Halloween III: Season of the Witch
    You’re Next
    The Howling
    Starry Eyes
    We Are Still Here
    Return of the Living Dead
    Braindead/Dead Alive
    The Ruins
    28 Weeks Later
    The Pact
    V/H/S 2
    The Guest
    The Sect
    An American Werewolf in London
    The Final Terror
    Cemetery Man
    The Last Exorcism
    The Psychic
    The Hitcher (original)
    Manhunt (Rovdyr)
    Wake Wood
    To the Devil, a Daughter
    Dark Night of the Scarecrow
    Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3
    Hostel 2
    The Bay
    The Beast Within
    The Unseen
    The Nesting
    Slaughter High
    The Evil
    H.P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon: Book of the Dead
    John Carpenter’s Body Bags
    Happy Birthday to Me
    Let’s Scare Jessica to Death
    The Hills Have Eyes (Original or Remake)
    The Sentinel
    Trick ‘R Treat (2007)
    Hellraiser: Inferno
    Amityville: The Possession
    House by the Cemetery
    Trick or Treat (1986)
    American Gothic
    Damien: The Omen
    The People Under the Stairs
    REC 2
    All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
    The Atticus Institute
    Return of the Living Dead 3
    Cabin Fever 2
    Cold Prey 2
    Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker
    The Incubus
    The Taking of Deborah Logan
    Fade To Black
    Serpent and the Rainbow
    Jennifer’s Body
    Deadly Blessing
    Lovely Molly
    Last House on the Left
    Twitch of the Death Nerve
    As Above, So Below
    Happy Death Day
    Alone In The Dark (1982)
    From Within
    Killer Party
    The Burrowers
    House on Sorority Row
    Alice, Sweet Alice
    The Believers
    Anthropophagus: The Grim Reaper
    Dead Silence
    From Beyond
    Fever Lake
    Just Before Dawn
    The Wraith
    The Doctor and the Devils
    The Keep
    Eaten Alive
    Bloody Moon
    One Dark Night
    The Church
    Bloody Birthday
    Night School
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  8. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent Well-Known Member

    Phantasm always gave me nightmares, the tall man was creepy as fuck.

    I’ll also watch all the evil dead movies including the remake and on Halloween my wife loves to watch hocus pocus
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  9. Ninjastix

    Ninjastix Damn Gina Site Donor

    Phantasm was an underrated series. Good attempt at cosmic horror with solid mind fuckery. The only thing I remember not liking was essentially just bringing back the Tall Man again and again no matter how successful plots against him were. That just undermines the time you spent watching the film. It has great unsettling vibes and atmosphere.

    The Gate is another film that makes good use of unsettling environment, specifically generic suburbia. I always thought the Black Hole Sun video was influenced by it.

    I wish there were more cosmic horror films, The Void isn't bad at all, In The Mouth of Madness is too on the nose for me, Night of The Comet is pretty good but nothing exceptional. From Beyond is weird af and has grotesque practical effects.

    Christine has always been my favorite Stephen King inspired movie, the score is fantastic and it's shot so well. Underrated and highly effective film because you buy into the underdog/revenge story aspect of it. Same with Trick or Treat which still has a banging soundtrack to this day.
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  10. Fedorlei Gomipierre

    Fedorlei Gomipierre The IQ Poster Site Donor

    Coscerelli has his autobiography dropping later this Fall and it should be a cool read since he's a DIY guy with several hits and I'll be intrigued to hear his BTS issues when it comes to Pt. 2 and the never made Bubba Nosferatu. Yeah, they always retcon the endings of the previous Phantasm to keep both the Tall Man alive and to basically re-shoot the twisty shock ending so the heroes can survive lol, the acting in 3, 4 and 5 can be a bit rough with the original Mike not being the best actor and it's not like Don was shooting with the Universal budget of Pt. 2(which I think is a dope Aliens-esque action horror sequel)

    I wanted to like The Void so hard, but the acting and character layout was too cruddy and amateurish, so I felt like they never got out of the initial gear and promise of concept. Reminded me of Harbinger Down, where the trailer and production people clearly had all the ambition in the world to make a good looking, practical FX genre movie, but failed at the script level imo.

    I got the new Exorcist 2 blu last week with the preferred cut and the Boorman commentary is pretty great and illuminates some of the massive failings in the movie. I hate all of the modern Regan/Burton stuff but the Africa set pieces and the entire Morricone score are so dope. Doubled that with the Lifeforce steelbook, which has a really solid Hooper commentary as well.
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  11. Bran

    Bran The wolf dead.

    What’re you jerks watching? I’ve watched The Blair Witch Project and Halloween Resurrection. BWP was way better than I thought it could be. I’d never seen it until a couple nights ago, but it really surprised me. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to see it back when people were under the impression it was real.

    Halloween Resurrection is exactly as bad as I remember, and Busta Rhymes doing kung fu on Michael Myers is exactly as amazing as I remember
  12. Fedorlei Gomipierre

    Fedorlei Gomipierre The IQ Poster Site Donor

    Since I'm watching new stuff, I tried Totem which was meh but passable and Truth or Dare, which I can't believe Blum got a wide theatrical release considering how lazy it was(basically a PG-13 Final Destination). I'm doing Pyewacket tonight.
  13. Bran

    Bran The wolf dead.

    I just rented Hereditary. Watching that right now.
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  14. Fedorlei Gomipierre

    Fedorlei Gomipierre The IQ Poster Site Donor

    For my pretentious horror prick taste, I thought it was the best horror movie in a long ass time. That said, I counterbalance it with a love for the Video Nasties and am seeing a matinee of Hell Fest tomorrow because I'm an adult damnit.
    --- Post Added -- Oct 3, 2018, ---
    For a bit more variety of rare, foreign and indy, festival horror, a month sub of Shudder is a nice option and I think they offer new sub deals. They've got some of my favourite hidden gems and have the balls to put out stuff like Ken Russell's The Devils, which is GOAT-levels of fucked up arthouse horror.
    --- Post Added -- Oct 3, 2018, ---
    I've also objectively proven via academic study, that Joseph Zito's "The Prowler" is the perfect slasher movie. Come at me.
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  15. Bran

    Bran The wolf dead.

    Well Hereditary was fucking nuts.
  16. disposableassassin

    disposableassassin Mutatis Mutandis Site Donor

    My friend and I started ours off on the first with the v/h/s movies. I'm a sucker for found footage so I'll definitely be watching REC. Halloween is always reserved for my "Romero-thon of the dead."

    Ooooo lemme know how hell fest is @Fedorlei Gomipierre
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  17. Ninjastix

    Ninjastix Damn Gina Site Donor

    Works better as a drama/suspense movie imo. Apparently the ending was changed because people reacted poorly to the original.

    But the movie is tame by comparison to the Director's short film, I think it's called The Strange Things About The Johnsons.

    Watch that shit.
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  18. Fedorlei Gomipierre

    Fedorlei Gomipierre The IQ Poster Site Donor

    When it comes to FF, Noroi and REC are my top two. I loved Lake Mungo because it takes a different take on that subgenre and the only new found footage I’ve got on my list this year is Devils Doorway, which I’ve heard mixed things about.

    I heard Gareth Evans new Netflix semi horror Apostle coming out this month plays very similar to his VHS2 segment in theme, so I’m really looking forward to that one since Safe Haven was bonkers.

    I’d also go to the mat for a Karyn Kusama doublebill and a half with The Invitation/Jennifer’s Body plus her XX segment, which was the only one worth a shit of that anthology imo.
    --- Post Added -- Oct 3, 2018, ---
    Since hereditary didn’t have a commentary track, I’m prone to think the ending had a more literal manifestation of the demon mythos and there was some ocular self mutilaton, since the knowledge dump of the book seems to indicate
    --- Post Added -- Oct 4, 2018, ---
    Hell Fest was pretty good, better than it had any right to be and they didn't do a good enough job at selling the movie as a throwback slasher/splatterfest in the trailers, since I only went to see it because of the reviews from genre folks who said it was like a modern slasher take on Funhouse.

    It totally tracks in line with the 1980s "video nasties" and visually, it plays pretty much like a "Thriller" or Backstreet Boys "spooky" music video with tons of neon gels and stylized colouring and since it's basically a "Halloween Horror Nights" festival, the movie has an endless supply of horror movie set pieces, which is really clever, maybe a few too many jump scares and the score is uninspired but for an original IP, I was happy.

    The leads are all incredibly likeable(female lead is the star of Channel Zero: No End House and is great here), maybe the best since Cabin or Kirby in Scream 4 but they could've created a better original killer IMO. I also would've appreciated a bit more time to build the relationships since they're fairly charming and unlike say, Cabin in the Woods, there's no snarky, self-awareness to the script and it's a refreshing take of just young folks getting chopped. It felt like they had to truncate some of the kills to get the R rating, because two of them are excellent splatter kills, but two are lame AF and it feels like they had to hedge for the MPAA.

    Definitely worth a rent/stream, I enjoyed it and think that under a better genre director, it could've been an absolute slasher classic but they simply didn't have the skill to earn a higher genre cred.
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  19. Bran

    Bran The wolf dead.

    So far, I finished off rewatching the last three Halloween movies, watched Blair Witch Project, Creepshow and Hereditary for the first time, then went through all the Friday the 13th movies for the first time.
  20. disposableassassin

    disposableassassin Mutatis Mutandis Site Donor

    Pumpkinhead tonight!
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