1. Having nothing to struggle against, they have nothing to struggle for. "UFC on ESPN 1: Velasquez vs NGannou" Live Discussion *Spoilers*. Prelims begin at 4:30 p.m. ET (ESPN+).
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Comments on Profile Post by Thamob

  1. Sniggles
    Why you gotta kick a man when he's down?!
    Mar 25, 2016
  2. Hillbilly
    we'll see! I think it's going to be a damn good game, best match-up of the day in my opinion. I got faith, but I also know how inconsistent we can be and just phone it in some games. We are a much better shooting team than North Carolina, we just have to stop them from driving the ball and dominating scoring in the paint.
    Mar 25, 2016
  3. Hillbilly
    i state some statistics and North Carolina shoots better than they have all year at like 70%+ or something crazy and have us hanging at a near or 20 point deficit the entire 2nd half. damn it all, i have no further comments. good day sir....hah :) I cant even talk about it anymore
    Mar 26, 2016
  4. Thamob
    Was Indiana even playing?? Ha Ha
    Mar 26, 2016
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