1. It’s not a thirst for blood, not at all—but an astonishment, an appreciation for the capabilities of a human that bares his soul naked for the art of combat using strictly his body. That’s entertainment. "UFC Fight Night 139: Korean Zombie vs. Rodríguez" Live Discussion *Spoilers*. Prelims begin at 7:00 p.m. ET on Fight Pass.
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Dec 3, 2014
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    1. Kano
      I was born lucky. I've never been mauled by a bear, never been struck by lightning, never been run over by a train.
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      2. Miz
        There is still hope. Maybe go swimming in shark infested water. That could be your next iron man thing. Swim to Alcatraz. That would be my worst way to go (sharks.) Being mauled by a bear might be pretty cool. Kinda like that Brad Pitt movie. "It was a good death."
        Jun 21, 2016
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      3. Sniggles
        You got married, though. Not so lucky, kano, bro.
        Jun 24, 2016
    2. Kano
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      2. Kano
        it's a good time, getting in touch with nature, learning more about the inside of your head, embracing the grind, and if there is a little pain or discomfort involved I tell myself "I deserve it".
        Mar 13, 2016
      3. Cat--Smasher
        God damn, your a bad ass mutherfucker.
        Mar 13, 2016
      4. Kano
        I haven't done it yet. But I am registered. I did the 50 last year and it was a great experience. I wanted to up the ante this year. Training hard already.
        Mar 13, 2016
    3. Kano
      Every person must live with the consequences of their mistakes.
      1. disposableassassin
        A truth that is destroying my life.
        Feb 14, 2016
      2. ILJO
        Mistakes are merely opportunities to better one's self. It's only when no effort is made to learn from said mistakes that blame should be placed.
        Feb 15, 2016
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      3. Kano
        Yes, a learning experience from a mistake is also a consequence.
        Feb 15, 2016
    4. Kano
      Finish time: 6:05:17
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      2. SandyWH
        Erectile Dysfunction?
        Aug 17, 2015
      3. Thamob
        Man that is one hell of a long sex session. Viagra really works.
        Seriously what was the time for?
        Aug 18, 2015
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