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Mar 26, 2019 at 1:38 PM
Oct 13, 2008
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Nov 29, 1986 (Age: 32)
Chicago, Thrillinois
coolness consultant

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The wolf dead., 32, from Chicago, Thrillinois

Widget time! Mar 31, 2015

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Mar 26, 2019 at 1:38 PM
    1. Noise
      Yea - Shit was no motherfuckin' joke, haha. I made it. It....Fucking sucked.

      I'm going to go to the theather on my leave and catch everything good that's out. Hoping Rooney doesn't let me down!
    2. Ninjastix
    3. Intellectual
    4. SandyWH
    5. Intellectual
    6. Nemma
      You should definitely check out The Stone Roses; their self titled first album. It is the reason Oasis formed.
    7. RF76
    8. Nemma
      Now mate,

      I was a huge fan of Oasis back in the day; their first three albums rank in my top ten of all time for sure. I'm not a fan of much of their later stuff to be honest though. I think Noel's new stuff is awesome but Liams band are dreadful; they sound like a poor John Lennon cover band.

      You like any other bands from that genre? For me The Stone Roses are the greatest 'madchester' band of all time.
    9. Noise


      In a couple of days, I'll be taking a bus to Hell.

      Well, not really. It'll be worse than Hell, but. My point is - My career as a regular poster here at MMASpot is over. I'm taking a big step forward in my life. Been working toward this for the better part of 5 months. Probably longer, without even knowing it. Life-changing stuff, so.

      I'll stick around for a couple of days. But, in a little under two weeks, I'll be out. Indefinitely.
    10. Noise
      I'd like to thank the staff and everyone involved in keeping this place goin'. All of whom go underappreciated, but. I think us regulars have a sincere appreciation for all the work, time, and money you've put in, so - Thank you.

      I'd also like to thank Natalie Portman. And the other regular contributors here. I'd name names, but I was raised not to snitch. It's physically impossible for me to drop dime, even on a positive note. And I wouldn't want to leave anyone out, so. You know who you are. Big up's, don't die, and stay here.

      Hopefully I won't get hit by a runaway bus or dismembered by a pack of chimps in the next couple of years. Maybe I'll be able to drop by once and a while. I'm sure the quality content will always be here. Short of being overrun by a bunch of Sherdogs, this place seems like it'll always be a safe-haven for MMA fans. Keep reppin'.

    11. Noise
      If Hollywood lets Park Chan-Wook do his thing - Sky's the limit! I hope they give him full creative control, :devil:. I think it'll be pretty obvious if they don't. Can't wait to see what he comes up with.
    12. Noise
      No shit? She's hit the jackpot if she gets that Oldboy role. I didn't know Josh Brolin was cast as the lead, though - I could see that.

      Can't fucking wait to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I saw the extended trailer the other day, too. I think Fincher is going to pull it off. Hard.
    13. Noise
      Let me know if you got my PM - It's not showing up on my "Sent" messages thingamajigg, for some reason. Ridiculous, :rip:.
    14. Noise
      I've kept up with it to this day. After the Compendium, I bought Book 5 and 6 - Then Volume 13. And the most recent stuff, Volume 14. Great stuff.

      I almost always never saw that coming, haha.
    15. Noise
      I'm man enough to admit that...I didn't notice that until well past the Compendium. Which is fuckin' crazy because I admired the cover for a good while, haha.

      And what about Jim Thompson, Bran? Noir writer, wrote the book that The Devil Inside Me was based on. I tried watching the movie once, but got bored after the rape scene. It didn't bother me or anything - I just got bored and lost. But anyway, is he any good?

      I need some easy, philosophical noir. I finished Max Brooks zombie books a little while back, so. I've had my good fill of zombies. I need some dick humor.

      ...As in detective material.

      ...Their dicks.

      ...As in P.I., dicks.

      ...Dick books.

      ...About dicks.

      ...Solving crime.

    16. Noise
      Haven't had a chance to pick her new stuff up. Can't wait to hear it.

      And yea, the Governor stuff is great. I could easily see it being the 3rd season.
    17. ILJO
      I thought it was particularly funny because it was retarded... also because I'm high and drunk... hahahaha
    18. Noise
      Hey Bran - You a fan of/heard of/familiar with Mickey Spillane? The writer of noir and whatnot. I'm reading Kubrick's biography, and his name came up. Had to do with Kubrick's earlier work, but anyway - I liked what I read.

      Seems his stuff is very old, but. Cheesy or not, I thought it was pretty funny. And good. His name ring a bell?
    19. Noise
      Yea, I'll be lucky to have an hour off in the next 10 years.

      But Showtime is airing Thirst tomorrow! Park Chan-Wook, finally getting some Stateside love.
    20. Problematique
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    Nov 29, 1986 (Age: 32)
    Chicago, Thrillinois
    coolness consultant
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